/ Recipe Dessert from baked bananas

Recipe Dessert of baked bananas

  • Bananas - 5 pieces
  • Lemon - 1 piece
  • Sugar - 3 Art. Spoons
  • Butter - 1 st. a spoon
  • Shortbread cookie - 100 Grams
  • Creamy ice cream - 300-400 Grams
  • Chocolate - 25 Grams

Set the oven to 220 degrees. The form in which you will bake, abundantly grease with butter. Peel the bananas and cut them along and lay them in one layer in the baking dish. Using a thin heifer with lemon, peel the zest and sprinkle bananas with it. Cut the lemon over the palam and squeeze the juice on the bananas. As you taste, sprinkle the dessert with sugar. Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. Put a batch of baked bananas on a plate. From above on bananas add ice cream and crumble cookies, sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Servings: 3-4

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