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Patty with bilberries

  • Milk - 300 Milliliters
  • Vegetable oil - 150 Milliliters
  • Dry fast-acting yeast - 15 Grams
  • Egg of chicken - 4 pieces
  • Potato starch - 50 grams
  • Sugar sand - 275 Grams
  • Wheat Flour - 760 Grams
  • Cowberry - 350 Grams
  • Butter - 40 Grams
  • Salt - 1/2 Teaspoon

So, let's go. To begin with, mix the dough from warmed milk, sugar, yeast and 2 tablespoons. Flour. Dough consistency should resemble liquid sour cream. Cover the dough with a film, leave it in a warm place for 15-20 minutes, until it is covered with such a hat. In a large bowl, where we knead all the dough, lightly beaten eggs are mixed with vegetable oil, salt and sugar. We mix a glass of warmed milk, we prepared the spoon (from the first point) and the egg-and-oil mixture. In the resulting mixture, fill up the flour. Stir well with a spoon. Mesem dough, we form a bun. The dough should turn out to be smooth, homogeneous. Do not be lazy to knead - the better you knead, the more delicious the pies will be :) Put our bun in a large form, greased with vegetable oil. Cover with a film or a towel, put in a warm place and leave for an hour and a half. The dough should increase in volume approximately twice. After this time, it is necessary to again knead the dough and leave it for another half an hour or so in a warm place. In the meantime, we will deal with the filling - we mix cranberries with 200 grams of sugar. Mix the berries with sugar, lightly pressing down with a spoon, so that a little of the juice is released from them. Add the starch to the mixture, mix it - and the filling is ready. Our dough looks like this by now. Actually, now the most interesting - we make pies. For clarity, look at the pictures. Lightly lubricate the hands with vegetable oil. With our hands we break off a small piece of dough, with our hands we knead this piece into a cake. We put in the center of a flat cake a teaspoon of a stuffing, we zalyplyaem a pie. The dough is very soft, so it's a pleasure to make such pies. Spread the patties on a lightly greased baking tray with a seam down. Lubricate the patties with a beaten egg. We give pies to stand for 10-15 minutes, then put in the oven and bake for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Ready-made pies can be lightly greased with butter, cover with a towel for 10 minutes, after which pies with cowberries will be completely ready for use. Bon Appetit! :)

Servings: 10-12

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