/ / Recipe Ricotta with lemon and basil

Ricotta recipe with lemon and basil

  • Milk - 4 liters
  • Lemon - 3 Pieces
  • Basil - 1/2 cup
  • Salt, black pepper - - To taste

A set of ingredients is small - milk, basil,Lemon and salt with pepper. In addition, immediately draw your attention - useful ordinary gauze and culinary thermometer, which is attached to the pan. Well, let's start by squeezing and lemon juice from the pulp. It should be about 2/3 cup of juice - it takes from 2 to 4 lemons, depending on their size and variety. We take a sieve or colander, cover it with gauze and put it in a very deep bowl. Pour milk into a large saucepan. On medium heat, heat the milk to 85 degrees, stirring constantly, so that the milk does not escape. Once the milk has heated to 85 degrees - remove it from the heat and mix it with lemon juice. Leave the milk with lemon juice for half an hour. After half an hour, pour the contents of the pan into a sieve covered with gauze. Gauze curl and squeeze well from the liquid. Actually, the remaining flesh in the gauze after pressing is the ricotta. Now it is necessary to chop roughly half a glass of basil. Mix fresh ricotta with basil. Then add the zest of half a lemon. Solim, pepper and mix well. Transfer the ricotta into a container or storage container - and put it in the refrigerator for the night. The next morning the ricotta cream with basil will be ready, and it can be used. Believe me, it's very, very tasty! :)

Servings: 10

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