/ Accessories for a red dress. How to choose the right accessories for a red dress?

Accessories to the red dress: photo. How to choose the right accessories for a red dress?

Red dress looks great on women withPale skin. What it is lighter, the more saturated color is to choose. It will perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure. Thin girls can wear any shades of red, and women of larger sizes are ideally suited for its darker shades.

What accessories to choose for a red dress?

Together with a red dress, you can dress everythingAny: a jacket, a tippet, a wide or thin belt. The main thing is that all this should match the color. Ideal will look accessories black. A winning image can be created using a combination of silver and red, or gold.

Important to remember! Under the red dress you can wear only black or corporal tights.

A classic combination is red and black. If you have black hair, you can diversify your image with a black bag, but the color of shoes to choose in tone to accessories.

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It will look great black belt and a pair of high boots of black color.

The black cardigan in combination with black shoes and a red clutch also looks spectacular.

Never pick up shoes in the tone of the bag, it's a huge mistake.

With a red dress will be perfectly combinedVarious hats, bandages, bags on a long belt. With regard to jewelry, it is better to confine neat earrings and pendant. If you like massive jewelry, wear only a bracelet, but try not to overload your image.

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Do not forget about the white color. He will add tenderness to your side and make it less aggressive. You can wear a white belt and white shoes. Such an image will look restrained-sexy and very laconic.

If you want to create original and non-standardImage, try to combine a red dress with accessories of green color. For example, put on a green belt and shoes. They will somewhat refresh your appearance and make the outfit more vivid.

Red dress can also be combined with redAccessories, but it should be done very carefully. It is important that there is no excess of red, which can irritate others. It is better to try to combine different shades and find the most harmonious option.

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The red color is pretty self-sufficient, but it's not worth it to wear it with shoes at low speed. More effective look shoes with high heels.

If you choose between a bag and a clutch, you should give absolute superiority to the latter.

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And the last tip: never forget about makeup. It is best if you use lipstick clearly in the tone of the dress.

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