/ Recipe: Cake with rosemary

Recipe Cake with Rosemary

Spicy cake A rosemary cake will appeal to those whoLoves legends, myths and ancient tales, believes in signs, and is interested in their application in such a prosaic matter as cooking. Although for someone it is not prose, but a real art that allows you to enjoy and taste delicious dishes, and their design, and the history of their occurrence. Many legends are associated not only with certain dishes, such as lentil soup with a biblical story about the sale of Esau to his birthright, but also with the appearance of various herbs and spices in cooking. Perhaps the greatest merit is the rosemary, dedicated to the ancient Romans Aphrodite - the goddess of love, emerging from sea foam. In the Mediterranean countries it is still believed that this spicy plant is able to preserve youth and make a person happy. This herb is especially popular in France and Italy, whose chefs add it to a variety of dishes, ranging from marinades and meat dishes, and ending with pastries. A rosemary cake is one example of the use of this spice in cooking. Its main advantage is that the bright and clean aroma of rosemary is not lost even after a long heat treatment.

  • Wheat Flour 240 g
  • Sugar 150g
  • Eggs chicken 4 pcs.
  • Olive oil 80 ml
  • Fresh rosemary 2 tbsp. L.
  • Baking powder 2 tsp.
  • Step 1 To make a cake, take flour, sugar, chicken eggs, olive oil and fresh rosemary.
  • Step 2 Connect the eggs and sugar.
  • Step 3 Whisk thoroughly until smooth.
  • Step 4 Pour a little olive oil, not stopping to beat eggs with sugar.
  • Step 5 Needles of rosemary finely chopped, should be 2 tablespoons.
  • Step 6 Add the sifted flour and baking powder - mix well until smooth.
  • Step 7 Then add the rosemary and mix it again.
  • Step 8 Shape the baking sheet with olive oil, pour in the finished dough and smooth it.
  • Step 9 Bake in a preheated to 170 ° C oven for 45-55 minutes. Willingness to check with a wooden skewer - it should leave dry from the ready cake.
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