/ / Recipe: Jelly from the viburnum

Recipe Jelly from the viburnum

Berry jelly Kalina - the heroine of many songs,Proverbs and sayings. And not in vain. After all, it is a very useful berry. We all know that with colds it's very difficult to drink tea. But this is not all the medicinal properties of the autumn red berries. Jelly and syrup from the viburnum is a wonderful restorative. Helps such a jelly at increased pressure, with cardiovascular diseases, liver disease. And the jelly is very beautiful, delicious and natural.

  • Kalina 750 g
  • Sugar 1000g
  • Step 1 To make jelly, we need viburnum and sugar.
  • Step 2 Wash the Kalina, drain it and separate it from the twigs.
  • Step 3 - Bottom of the berries.
  • Step 4 Wipe the berries through a drudge.
  • Step 5 Take 2 cups of sugar for each glass of juice. Stir the mixture until the sugar completely dissolves in the juice.
  • Step 6 Use as a restorative.
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