/ Recipe: Falafel or chicken cutlet

Recipe Falafel or chicken cutlet

We cook falafel Cutlets from chickpeas can be consideredAs a separate dish, and one of the components of falafel. Falafel is very popular in the Middle East as fast food: several chicken cutlets, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus (pasta from the grown chickpea), chips and lavishly poured tahina (or tahini - sauce from sesame seeds) are placed in thin bread. In Israel, it is sold everywhere: on the corners of streets, in shops, portable trays, kiosks. Falafel is also very common in Egypt and Lebanon. This is not surprising, falafel not only delicious, but also very vzlyzay. Nut contains highly essential for human health substances - the very proteins and minerals that significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer and heart disease, as well as slow the aging process of the skin. Today I suggest preparing chicken cutlets with a minimum amount of ingredients. If desired, you can add parsley greens or cilantro and onions. The dish is perfectly combined with potatoes and tomatoes.

  • Chickpeas (chick peas) 200 g
  • Soda 7 g
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Turmeric 5 g
  • Ground coriander 4 g
  • Sesame White 50 g
  • Sunflower refined oil 4 tbsp. L.
  • Salt 7 g
  • Wheat flour 2 tbsp. L.
  • Black pepper powder 5 g
  • Step 1 To prepare cutlets, we need chickpeas, wheat flour, sesame, vegetable oil, garlic and favorite spices. I used coriander, turmeric and black pepper.
  • Step 2 A glass of chickpea is poured into a container, filled with water, we add a spoonful of soda (for better softening) and leave it overnight.
  • Step 3 Drain the water and my chickpeas.
  • Step 4 Then chop the chickpea in a blender or use a meat grinder to mash, adding 0.5 water.
  • Step 5 We get a fairly thick mashed potatoes.
  • Step 6 Add the pepper, coriander, garlic, salt and turmeric. Thoroughly mix.
  • Step 7 If the mass is liquid, add 1 tablespoon of flour and mix.
  • Step 8 On the surface, sprinkled with flour, we form small cutlets and dipped in sesame.
  • Step 9 Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the cutlets on both sides over medium heat until they turn golden brown.
  • Step 10 Serve to the table with sour cream.
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