/ Recipe Tomato and brynza salad

Tomato and brynza salad Recipe

Salad of tomatoes and cheese cheese About the benefits of thisWe already wrote wonderful cheese as a brynza. For those who did not have time to read and prepare tomatoes stuffed with this same cheese, I will remind you. Brynza is rich in vitamins and trace elements, and also improves skin condition. And what about tomatoes? Well, firstly, we all are waiting for the appearance of tomatoes "from the garden", they are much more fragrant and tastier than their greenhouse brothers. Secondly, the tomatoes are still useful, we will not take into account those who have an allergy, because in moderation and you can taste them. A large amount of water and a lack of fats make them the favorites of people watching their figure. Also, fresh tomatoes and tomato juice are recommended for consumption in case of loss of strength. Vobschem list all the good, will be very long, although useful, because we need to know what we feed our body. And the number of recipes from a tomato strikes any imagination. They are also used as an independent product - in fresh, salty, dried form, I use it as an additive to numerous complex recipes, and sauces ?! The most common - of course from tomatoes. Today's recipe can be safely called "Ukrainian Caprese" because it differs from the original one only by replacing Italian mozzarella with a more Ukrainian cheese. Although fans of truly Ukrainian cuisine would still fill it with homemade, fragrant vegetable oil. The final choice is yours. Try it. Experiment. And let it be delicious!

  • Tomatoes 600 g
  • Brynza 200 g
  • Basil green fresh 1 bunch
  • Olive oil with spices 2 tbsp. L.
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Step 1 You will need: 3 medium tomatoes, Brynza cheese, basil, Aromatic oil.
  • Step 2 Cut the tomatoes and cheese into cubes.
  • Step 3 Basil finely chop your hands.
  • Step 4 Mix tomatoes, brynza, basil. Fill with Fragrant Oil. Seize to taste.
  • Step 5 Stir gently. Serve to the table.</ P>
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