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Recipe Kissel Fruity

  • Raspberry syrup - 1 glass
  • Fruit tea in bags - 2 Pieces
  • Starch - 3 st. Spoons
  • Water - 2 liters

This simple recipe for fruit jelly -Just "porridge from the ax", and such dishes should be taken note by each hostess - it will fit in everyday life;) Learn how to make a fruit jelly, and in your culinary arsenal will be one more wonderful dish more: 1. Put our water on Stove. While it is warming, filter the jam you have chosen to make one sugar syrup, and leave the berries for decoration, or eat :) 2. Further, in the boiling water place our packaged tea. The idea to use it so much was due to the fact that tea was presented with perfume, but nobody wanted to drink it, that's thought :) 3. While the tea there gives its color, straighten the starch in a glass of syrup. Thoroughly and gently mix, so that there are no lumps. 4. And now, all that is left for making such fruit jelly at home is to pour into our boiling water our syrup with starch, reduce the heat, and wait for a second boil. Try to taste, and if that - add more sugar, if you like messenger. The drink received under such an unusual recipe has already been called "Ice tea" in my family. The taste is really memorable and original. Winter warms, and in the summer, if from the refrigerator, - he invigorates. I hope you will like the fruit jelly recipe!

Servings: 4-5

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