/ / Recipe: Cornelian jam

Recipe: Cornelian jam

  • Dogwood - 1 Kilogram
  • Sugar - 1,2 Kilogram
  • Water - 500 Milliliters

Dogwood ripens in late autumn, just then thisMiracle-berry and need the most. It strengthens the immune system and maintains the body in tone. Dogwood preserves help to remove heat and get rid of bacteria. In addition, dogwood increases appetite. How to cook a cousine jam? I tell you: 1. Separate berries from pedicels, rinse and pour with hot water. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then pour into a colander to get rid of the liquid. 2. Cook the syrup from sugar and water. 3. In the syrup, transfer our berries and cook for 5-8 minutes, removing the foam with a noise. 4. Remove the berries in the syrup from the heat, leave until completely cooled. 5. After 5-6 hours put the jam on a small fire and cook with a weak boil until cooked. 6. Put the ready-made hot jam in sterilized dry jars and roll up. 7. Place the jars on a flat surface, leave until completely cooled. Dogwood jam is ready. Bon Appetit! ;)

Servings: 10

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