/ Recipe: Summer cupcake with berries

Summer Cupcake with berries

  • Milk - 150 Milliliters
  • Berries - To taste
  • Flour - 600 Milliliters
  • Eggs - 2 pieces
  • Bakery powder - 2 teaspoons
  • Butter Butter - 100 Grams

1. First of all, we need to beat the eggs with sugar, pretty fluffy, until whitening. To do this, use a mixer. 2. Melt the butter and pour in the milk. The mixture will turn out to be warm. 3. Now we need to mix flour and baking powder in a separate bowl. (So ​​the powder in the test is better distributed). Milk-oil mixture poured into knocked-down eggs, the field we add flour and mix it, we should get a homogeneous mass. 4. In the oiled rectangular shape, about twenty-five by thirty-five centimeters, pour the cooked dough. Berries put on top (blueberries, black currants, who like what). 5. Now the shape with the future cake put in the oven, and about thirty minutes bake, the temperature should be one hundred and seventy-five degrees. 6. Cut into pieces already cooled pie. Also this pie can be successfully frozen, then serve it at any time. Bon Appetit!

Servings: 6-7

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