/ Recipe Salad "Gift"

Recipe Salad "Gift"

Salad with crab meat and beans Salad "Gift"Looks original on the festive table and invariably attracts attention. Its preparation does not take much time, and the taste will turn out to be soft and fresh at the same time due to the inclusion of crab meat (surimi) and eggs with a bright note of sweet pepper in the salad. Without the use of decoration, the salad is quite suitable for dinner - fast and satisfying. Especially it is worth paying attention to this salad of those who need protein food - there are a lot of protein products of different types.

  • Crab meat 400g
  • White beans canned 350 g
  • Pepper sweet 1 pc.
  • Eggs chicken 4 pcs.
  • Mayonnaise 200 g
  • Cucumbers 1 pc.
  • Tomatoes 1 pc.
  • Parsley fresh 2 g
  • Step 1 Ingredients that we need forCooking salad: chilled crab meat or sticks, eggs, canned white beans in their own juice, sweet pepper, mayonnaise. For registration, we need a long cucumber, tomato and parsley leaves.
  • Step 2 Cut crab meat into small pieces. It is preferable to use meat, not sticks, as it contains more surimi, and buy it in a chilled, not frozen form.
  • Step 3 Eggs boil, cool under a stream of cold water, clean and cut into thin cubes or cubes.
  • Step 4 Pour the pepper, remove the seeds together with the pedicel, cut into small squares.
  • Step 5 Mix in the general container cut ingredients, as well as beans, from which the liquid is preliminarily drained. Season with mayonnaise and mix.
  • Step 6 Put the salad on a flat dish, giving a rectangular shape.
  • Step 7 Using a vegetable peeler or a thin sharpKnife cut long strips with cucumber not more than 2 mm thick. Lay them with ribbons, giving the appearance of a bandaged box with a gift. With a tomato cut off, starting from the top, along a spiral strip with pulp, put it in the form of a rose in the center of the lettuce, and add parsley with herbs.
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