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Recipe Rolls with tuna and cucumber

  • Rice for sushi - 200 Grams
  • Vinegar rice - 30 milliliters
  • Tuna Fresh Fillet - 120 Grams
  • Cucumbers - 200 Grams
  • Algae Nori - 4 pieces
  • Wasabi - 1.5 teaspoons
  • Caviar of flying fish - 20 Grams
  • Soy sauce - 80 milliliters
  • Ginger pickled - 40 Grams

Rinse the rice until the water isTransparent. Prepare the rice as indicated on the package. If you do not specify anything, we prepare this: fill with water in a ratio of 1: 1, cover, bring to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook for another 10-12 minutes. Cooked rice let it stand a little under the closed lid. Then pour rice vinegar into it, mix it and let it cool, because you can not roll rolls from hot rice. Cucumbers and tuna are cut into thin long blocks - along the length they must correspond to the length of the nori sheet. And now open the enlarged photo and look behind the sleight of hand :) Lay out the nori sheet on the mat. Distribute the rice on the sheet, leaving about 2 cm from the far edge. On the middle of rice lay out a little wasabi, on top - our cucumber and tuna. We wrap the sheet in roll with the help of a rug. You need to wrap yourself. When the sheet is folded, press the mat slightly to make the roll turn round. The resulting "sausage" is cut into 6 rolls. A similar procedure is done with all nori sheets. Done! Serve with soy sauce, marinated ginger and wasabi.

Servings: 4

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