/ Recipe: Casserole with double cheese and egg

Casserole Recipe with double cheese and egg

Eggs with cheese in the molds One of the popularWays of cooking eggs in the French cuisine, along with the famous poached eggs and omelettes - in serving pots, and usually in such a dish with egg neighbors vegetables, chicken and other ingredients. This casserole from a number of dishes in pots, instead of which you can use any portioned refractory cups. A few words about the used in cooking cervelat. I took cooked-smoked, in the French kitchen, under the word "cervelas", not only a steamed but boiled sausage similar to our "Doctor's" can hide, so that you can take any suitable product or replace the sausage with boiled chicken. The casserole is prepared without salt.

  • Eggs chicken 5 pcs.
  • Goat soft cheese 50 g
  • Cheese hard 50g
  • Sausage serverlat 50 g
  • Green onion 5 g
  • Fresh dill 5 g
  • Parsley fresh 5 g
  • Step 1 For casserole we need two types of cheese - hard and soft, eggs, boiled-smoked serverel, greens.
  • Step 2 Soft cheese (preferably goat) is cut into small cubes.
  • Step 3 Grind the washed and dried fennel and green onions.
  • Step 4 Servelat cut into strips.
  • Step 5 Whisk 2 eggs into a foamy mass.
  • Step 6 Put the sliced ​​soft cheese, cervelat and greens into beaten eggs, stir.
  • Step 7 Put the mixture into batch molds for baking.
  • Step 8 We break each egg into egg,Neatly placing the yolk in the center and trying not to damage it. Around the yolk, pour a ring of grated cheese on grated cheese. Bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.
  • Step 9 From the bottom, the mass should harden, the cheese lightly brown, and the yolk retain softness.
  • Step 10 Sprinkle the casserole with chopped parsley and serve hot. Below we get a lush and soft structure, similar to an omelet, and on top a light cheese crust and a soft yolk.
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