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Khir's Recipe

  • Rice (round) - 120 Grams
  • Butter - 15 Grams
  • Cinnamon, cm - 5 pieces
  • Brown sugar - 175 Grams
  • Milk - 1.2 liters
  • Cardamom green - 1 teaspoon
  • Walnut Muscat - 0.5 Teaspoons
  • Almonds - 25 Grams
  • Raisins - 50 Grams

1. We need a saucepan with a thick bottom and thick walls. Melt the butter in it, add a stick of cinnamon and sprinkle with sugar. Sugar is stirred until it completely melts (fire does not decrease). 2. Rinse the rice and add it to the pan as soon as all the sugar has melted. Fire reduce. 3. Then immediately pour half of the milk. To sugar dissolved, stir. Milk bring to a boil, reduce fire and cook under the lid, from time to time do not forget to stir it. We cook about twenty minutes. 4. Let's try fig. If the rice is already soft, then pour the remaining half of the milk and season everything with cardamom. Mix well and add almonds and raisins. 5. Reduce fire and cook, stirring constantly, until the rice is boiled. 6. On the plates lay out the ready Khir, and sprinkle with nutmeg. Such a dessert can be served hot or cold.

Servings: 2

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