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Recipe for Philadelphia Rolls

Cream cheese Philadelphia Rolls are not alwaysAre prepared in a shell of dried nori algae. A special glamor is that the rolls are rice outside, and making them is not so easy as ordinary sushi-poppies. Everyone who even visits sushi bars at least occasionally has seen and even ordered such rolls, the most popular of which is the Philadelphia roll. Its popularity is easily explained by the exquisite taste that comes from the gentle combination of creamy Philadelphia cheese and salmon, which complement each other very well. Very often the recipe roll Philadelphia is supplemented with other ingredients, for example, avocados, which perfectly shades the taste of the roll with its oily and tender consistency. Often it can be found and cucumber, which adds a roll of Philadelphia freshness and makes it more economical, due to its availability. Beginners in the matter of making rolls with rice outward will be useful to practice on this kind of sushi, especially as the result turns out to be incredibly tasty and very beautiful. Certain difficulties can arise when slicing a roll of Philadelphia, as the cream cheese sticks to the knife. Therefore, the knife needs to be sharpened well beforehand and after each cut, clean it from cheese and moisten with rice vinegar.

  • Round-grain rice 300 g
  • Salmon salted 250g
  • Seaweed nori 3 pieces.
  • Brown sugar 2 tsp.
  • Vinegar rice 2 tsp.
  • Avocado 1 pc.
  • Cucumbers 1 pc.
  • Philadelphia cheese 100 g
  • Step 1 You can use any soft cream cheese flavor to prepare Philadelphia rolls, as well as take avocados, cucumber, low salted salmon and nori sheets.
  • Step 2 To start, let's boil rice-300 grams of rice thoroughly rinse with running water so that the water becomes transparent.
  • Step 3 Pour the rice with 350 ml of cold water, and without closing the lid, bring to a boil over high heat. And then close the lid and cook over low heat for 12 minutes.
  • Step 4 Remove the rice from the fire, and without opening the lid, let it brew for 10 minutes.
  • Step 5 At this time, prepare the dressing - mix 2 tsp. Rice vinegar, 2 tsp. Brown sugar and 1 tsp. Warm water. Mix everything well so that the sugar dissolves.
  • Step 6 Add the dressing to the hot rice and stir well with chopsticks. Allow to cool slightly.
  • Step 7 Clean the cucumber, peel and cut into strips.
  • Step 8 Avocado wash, cut in half and remove the core, peel.
  • Step 9 Cut the avocado with the same straw.
  • Step 10 Cut the salmon fillets into thin plates.
  • Step 11 Macisa wrapped in food film.
  • Step 12 Place half of the nori sheet on the makis and lay a 0.5-0.8 cm thick rice on a flat layer.
  • Step 13 Carefully place the cut fish on the rice.
  • Step 14 Then turn the nori, so that the salmon is on the makis. And lay the strips of avocado from one side of the nori.
  • Step 15 Next, put a strip of cucumber and squeeze a strip of cream of Philadelphia cheese through a culinary bag or parchment paper bag.
  • Step 16 Gently and tightly wrap the roll, the fish will be on top.
  • Step 17 Ready to leave the roll for 10 minutes. From this portion, you get 6-7 rolls of Philadelphia.
  • Step 18 Cut the roll into 2 parts, and then another 2 or 3 parts. Serve rolls with wasabi and marinated ginger.
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