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Chak-chak traditional recipe

  • Flour - 3 Cups
  • Egg - 3 pieces
  • Vodka or cognac - 30 Grams
  • Honey - 0,5 Cups
  • Sugar - 0,5 Cups
  • Salt - 1 pinch
  • Poppy or sesame - 2 st. Spoons
  • Walnuts - 0.5 Glass (for decoration, if you want)

Put the flour on the table. Make a deepening. Pour 3 yolks, salt and vodka into the flour. Lightly mix with a hand. Add the protein and mix again. Kneading dough is the most laborious and complex process. If you are lazy now, the real chak-chak will not work! The dough should be homogeneous. Give the test to lie down for half an hour before you take it again. Now it's time to roll out the thin cakes. When they are ready, let them dry for about 15 minutes - so it will be easier to work with it. Cut the dough along into strips, and then cut each strip into a kind of vermicelli - there is no water in the dough, so do not be afraid to put it in 2-3 layers - nothing will stick together. Obtain strips of grated cheese fry in vegetable oil in deep-fried until golden brown. Spread on the grill in order to excess fat stack. On low heat, we prepare caramel from sugar and honey. Do not be lazy to constantly mix the mass! Fry the dough with a slide on a large plate, gently crush, so that there are no large voids. In another hot caramel we pour grains of poppy or sesame, mix and fill the hill (whenever possible evenly). Sprinkle with nuts. We moisten our hands with cold water, press the chak-chak again and let it cool completely. Now the dish can be cut into mouth-watering slices and served to the table!

Servings: 6

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