/ Recipe: Chicken legs golden

Recipe Chicken legs golden

  • Honey - 40 Grams
  • French Mustard - 20 Grams
  • Sesame - 1 st. a spoon
  • Chicken Thighs - 500 Grams
  • Curry - 1 teaspoon
  • Vegetable oil - 20 Grams

1. First of all, thoroughly wash the chicken drumsticks. Then clean them from the skin. In the pan, we lay our shins, pour boiling water and, adding salt, cook for about ten to fifteen minutes until half-ready. 2. For the sauce, mix French mustard, curry and honey. 3. Remove the prepared shins from the water and let them dry. 4. We pre-grease the shin with pre-oiled baking sheet and water each with the resulting sauce. 15-20 minutes bake in the oven. The shank, during baking, grease the sauce and turn over several times. 5. Fry sesame lightly until the shank is prepared. To sesame not burned, put it in a dry cold container, as soon as it is browned. 6. Sprinkle the prepared shanks with fried sesame seeds. Chicken legs are golden ready. Bon Appetit.

Servings: 3

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