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Recipe rassolnik Leningrad

Rassolnik with perlovka It was a classicRecipe rassolnik in the Soviet era. I deducted it in my student years in the book "About tasty and healthy food", which was in great deficit. I wrote out the prescription and then often cooked, I cook now, because I like sour boiled soups. This rassolnik is good for the second day, and for the third, if it is in the refrigerator. Even it becomes even more delicious! Why he is called Leningrad, I do not know, unfortunately. Maybe someone will tell?

  • Beef on the bone 600 g
  • Pearl barley 50 g
  • Potatoes 2 pcs.
  • Carrot 1 pc.
  • Onions 1 pc.
  • Celery root 50g
  • Cucumber salted 100 g
  • Bay leaf 2 pcs.
  • Green onion 0.25 bunch
  • Fresh dill 0.25 bunch
  • Parsley fresh 0.25 bunch
  • Sour cream 100 g
  • Step 1 To prepare the pickle we take the beef brisket on the bone, it is better with the cartilage, onions, carrots, pearl rump, celery root, salted cucumbers.
  • Step 2 We wash the meat well and put it intoSaucepan. Fill 1.5-2 liters of cold water, bring to a boil. We cut a lot of celery root, carrots and onions. Add to the pan to the meat. Bring to a boil, remove the foam.
  • Step 3 Add the washed pearl barley (you can soak in advance) and cook over low heat under the lid for 1-1.5 hours.
  • Step 4 When the meat is cooked, remove it and the roots from the broth. Spikes are discarded.
  • Step 5 Separate the meat from the bones and cartilage and cut into pieces. We send it to the soup.
  • Step 6 Then we drop the diced potatoes. We chop the onions and carrots for refueling. Salted cucumbers, too, cut into small pieces.</ P>
  • Step 7 We let on the broth and fat, removed from its surface, vegetables for refueling.
  • Step 8 When the potatoes in the pickle standSoft, add vegetable dressing. Bring to a boil, for the smell add 2 bay leaves, boil on low heat for 5-6 minutes. If the acid is not enough - we add brine to taste. We enter in the soup finely chopped greens, close the lid and remove from the fire. Let's brew. Serve with sour cream and fresh herbs.
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