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Carrot Recipe in Microwave


    If you are an adherent of a healthy diet, orOn a diet, or just prepare a salad, and forgot to boil the carrot in time, this recipe for cooking carrots in the microwave you will obviously like :) 1. Well, in the cooking process it's simple. First, carrots and clean as usual. 2. Now take a special glassware for the microwave, or any bowl suitable for the microwave oven, and put our carrots there, pre-cut into slices, if necessary. 3. We pierce each piece with a fork in several places and send it to the microwave under the lid. 4. To prevent the dish from burning, add a little water to the bottom of the bowl. And after 10 minutes of cooking at medium power, our carrots in the microwave at home are ready! Now you can continue your cooking, or make a mashed potatoes from it, and serve as a useful side dish to the table. Good luck!

    Servings: 1

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