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Fashionable colors spring-summer 2014

Fashionable colors spring and summer
For this period of time,A variety of shades and tones. Elegant white and black, scorching red, orange and bright yellow, these colors will be in the upcoming season in the trend. Perhaps you are already planning your spring-summer wardrobe. But it will be difficult to compose, if you do not know what colors will be fashionable. We made a list of the colors that are fashionable this season.

One of the key trends in the hot season isCaramel shades and tones. The upcoming spring and summer will be very popular soft caramel colors - banana, peach, coral, light pink and cream. They can be fully dressed or combined with bright colors.

Orange color

This color penetrated into the wardrobe and affected evenAccessories. These are belts, glasses, bags, shoes, dresses - in all there is the color of an orange. If this is your favorite color, you can fully wear it, because in 2014 it will be fashionable.

Black and white
These classic fashion colors that do not go outOut of fashion. In spring and summer, these fashion colors will remain. Fashion designers advise to combine black and white colors, as a result, you can get quite interesting combinations. In the coming season, white color is one of the most dominant colors. Very popular are white outfits with lace.

Fuchsia - a color that is not common, like white and orange, but in the upcoming season is quite popular. This includes the purple, the color of passion and emotion.

Yellow Always next to the orange. As soon as the orange becomes fashionable, the yellow color is also popular. In the trend shades from bright lemon to pale yellow, and this range is popular in the spring and summer of 2014. In the spring and summer it will be difficult to do without orange shades. Orange juicy color will look good when paired with yellow freesia and with a light purple color.

This summer, the obsession with yellow color continues. It is best to paint a dark wardrobe, which after a long winter is filled with dark shades and adjusts to the spring mood. This sunny tropical shade is perfectly combined with green and red.

The main color of the season is Blue colour, It starts with a dark sapphire and ends with a bright indigo. Dark sapphire is combined with the color of cayenne pepper and with a pastel blue color, looks good with the shades below.

Purple Tulip

Refined and sensual pale purple fills everything around with romance. Color is universal, and is a good pair to any shade, which makes it without any bad taste and vulgarity.

Cayenne pepper

The main find of the season is a burning, passionate and bright color of cayenne pepper. A win-win combination of white with red and with some pastel shades.

Calm blue

Actual shade of the next season. It fits perfectly with pastel colors and is used as a neutral base for creative experiments.

Pastel Gray
Neutral shade of spring. It is worn alone and in combination with pastel, black and white flowers.

Pastel-muted green
Lubricated and muted shade, which fell in love with everyone, like mint color. It gently looks with a purple tulip and complements bright colors.


Pairing with gray color, sand color isThe basis of the basic wardrobe. You get interesting images if you combine it with a shining orchid and a muted green color. Always sand color was a sign of good taste.

Monochrome combinations
The main hit of the season will be totally white images. We use purely black variants of combining white with black, this is not typical for spring, but this season is very fashionable.

In the inheritance from the winter got metallic shades. Silver and gold look great with white and with all pastel colors.
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