/ / Fashionable jewelry 2015. Actual costume jewelry of 2015, photo.

Fashionable jewelry 2015. Actual costume jewelry of 2015, photo.

Fashionable Women's Jewelry 2015

Fashion for jewelry entirely depends on the basicTrends in the world of stylish clothing. So, in 2015, most designers chose retro style as the main style direction, and, more precisely, freedom-loving tendencies from the 70's and 80's. And since wide trousers flared and fitted shirt is impossible to imagine without the bright accessories, then the fashionable ornaments of those years hurried back to the podiums. Among the main trends can be called: massive jewelry, jewelry made of plastic and artificial stones, ethnomotives.

The main accessories of 2015 will be jewelryon the neck. And in the collections of many designers dominated by massive costume jewelry with stones. Especially popular will be the necklace-collars of semiprecious stones in the form of flower wreaths, elongated chains, large metal medallions. Also actual will be jewelry on the neck, combining several different textures. For example, a chain with a pendant made of suede and stones.

Fashionable bracelets in 2015 will also differ in their large dimensions. The main trend of 2015 is a wide plastic bracelet. Models of bracelets made of wood and metal will also be actual.

Such beloved by all women of fashion summer bracelets fromBeads in the new season we will not see: they were replaced by soft textile models, as well as bracelets made of leather. By the way, leather models are again among the favorites of 2015. Most of the bracelets presented in the last collections were made of soft and supple skin. So, leather models, made of genuine leather and without decor, will be an excellent option for decorating every day. And bracelets, supplemented with metal buckles, chains, small spikes and rivets perfectly complement the image for the party.

Fashionable in 2015 will be large earrings. Actual will be massive earrings in the form of geometric shapes: rings, triangles, squares. Also, designers presented a large number of large earrings made of semiprecious stones. Stylists advise women of fashion to take a closer look at the earrings-chandeliers, which are shoulder length or slightly lower. If such earrings are also made in ethnic style, then before you the main trend of 2015.

What to wear fashionable jewelry 2015

Any decoration, regardless of the price, style andThe material must be properly selected to side by side. Of course, simple elegant chains and small jewelry - a universal option. But in 2015 you will not see them at fashion shows. Therefore, if you want to stay in the trend, you will learn to wear glittering jewelry made of bright stones in combination with plastic bracelets - the main trends of 2015.

If you are unsure of which of the trendyAdornments 2015 can be combined in one image, then try to start to wear jewelry in ethnic style. You will be pleasantly surprised when it turns out that even a simple bead looks like you are royal. In addition, various ornaments with ethno-motives, for example, earrings and bracelets, perfectly combine with each other.

Experimenting with the image, avoid excessiveNumber of jewelry and different in style accessories. For example, do not wear a "set" of pearls, metal earrings and brooches with colored stones. To a monophonic one, great beads or necklaces made of artificial stones are perfect. And a more vivid image is better to emphasize with the help of metal ornaments, sustained in one style. Remember that leather jewelry in the new season will be relevant with almost all styles of clothing, and too original jewelry, for example, a wreath of stones, it is better to hold for a special occasion.

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