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With what to wear shoes with spikes?

When choosing shoes with spikes, try to avoidHuge platforms and thick heels in the informal style, neither rebellious chic, nor rock'n'roll chic, they will not add to you. But the moderately massive version will be well combined with a jacket-plait or a jacket-aviator. But classic shoes on thin or medium heels - this is what you need to create an elegant image. They can be either closed or with an open nose. By the way, the thorns make the heel visually even thinner.

It's also interesting to look at ankle boots with spikes. For them, a classic cut is preferred. The bag should be with them in one color scheme. It is noticed that with such ankle boots the classic blue and black dresses are successfully combined. Note that such shoes visually slightly shorten the legs, so girls who are already not very long, it is better to refrain from them.

High pins are combined with narrow breeches,Clinging jeans, leggings, mini-skirts. For office style suits laconic dresses and monophonic skirts-cases. All emphasis should be placed on the shoes. You can complete the image with a strict jacket in the tone of the shoes. The more everyday you want to make your outfit, the more modest the spikes should be. It does not even need to be just thorns, metal rivets will also create the desired effect. You can choose an option for shoes, where only the toe is decorated with spines.

For the cocktail image, you can wear interestingSandals with spikes to a black short, delicate dress. They will give him piquancy. Generally, almost any feminine single-color dresses of gentle shades will do. Another option is to combine such shoes with a light chiffon blouse and polyurethane skirt in tone to it. Accessories to this side will be redundant.

For a more solemn occasion, you can wear a skirtPack and top of the shoe. This is a very interesting combination. If you want to wear a bright color dress, then choose beige boat shoes with small spikes. Bardovye short-fitting dress-bustier to such shoes is an ideal option. Just fit a one-color dress in the floor or slightly above the knee. Spikes must necessarily be silvery or golden in tone accessories.

If you really want to add accessories, add ornaments decorated with spikes. But remember that a bracelet with spikes in combination with a dress is a mauve ton. Also, do not wear a necklace with trousers.

Do not forget about shoes with flat solesOr ballet shoes. To combine them, by the way, is much easier than hairpins, with them there is a huge space for imagination. Suited and narrowed jeans and summer dresses. Also elongated sweaters will look good, but they should be free and monophonic. Such ballet costumes look amazing with jeans dresses. Intriguing and simple combination of white narrowed trousers and classic top.

Do not be afraid to wear what you like, andRemember, to emphasize the merits - it is worth playing in contrast and shoes with spikes are suitable for this as well as possible. "Shortness" will not only emphasize your femininity, but also add inaccessibility. Such shoes, of course, can not be called universal, and yet, with proper observance of the color scale and the absence of an overload of the image with accessories, you can achieve harmony with any style.
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