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Recipe Tabule salad

Salad with bulgur and tomatoes Tabule saladIs popular in the restaurants of the Middle East. The main ingredients of this salad are bulgur, tomatoes and parsley leaves. If desired, you can supplement the salad with green onions, mint, spices (for example, zira). In Lebanon and Syria, in the homeland of Tabula salad, it is often served, laying on lettuce leaves. Bulgur is sometimes replaced with couscous.

  • Bulgur 100 g
  • Water 250 ml
  • Tomatoes 2 pcs.
  • Parsley fresh 1 bunch
  • Olive oil 2 tbsp. L.
  • Lemon 0.5 pcs.
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Pepper black ground 1 pinch
  • Step 1 For the preparation of Tabula salad you will need bulgur, tomatoes, a bunch of parsley, half a lemon, olive oil.
  • Step 2 In the pan, pour in bulgur. Rinse it under cold water. Pour the bulgur with boiling water, sprinkle a little, cover the pan with a lid and cover with a towel. Leave for 20 minutes. During this time the croup will swell and absorb water.
  • Step 3 To prepare the salad, only the leaves of parsley are used. Therefore, separate the parsley leaves from the stems.
  • Step 4 Finely chop the parsley leaves.
  • Step 5 Cut the tomatoes into cubes.
  • Step 6 Mix the warm bulgur with tomatoes and greens.
  • Step 7 Prepare the gas station. Mix the olive oil with the juice of half a lemon, salt and black pepper.
  • Step 8 Pour the salad dressing.
  • Step 9 Leave the salad for 20-30 minutes so that it is well soaked. If you want, you can put salad on lettuce leaves. Bon Appetit!
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