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Recipe Onion-tomato sauce

Sauce for pizza Sauce from onions and tomatoes is idealFor making pizza. It is moderately brackish, has a pronounced onion taste, Italian herbs and basil complement the palate. Tomatoes are suitable only for ground: juicy, red, ripe. "Plastic" from the supermarket is not suitable. If desired, lovers can season the sauce with hot pepper. Also as an option - the sauce can be made more tomato, increasing the amount of tomatoes.

  • Tomatoes 300 g
  • Onion 150 g
  • Fresh dill 50 g
  • Basil fresh green 20 g
  • Garlic 1 denticle
  • Olive oil 2 tbsp. L.
  • Paprika sweet ground 2 tsp.
  • Salt 7 g
  • Sugar 2 tsp.
  • Step 1 Prepare the main products for cooking sauce: tomatoes, onions, dill, basil, garlic, olive oil, paprika, sugar, salt.
  • Step 2 Put the peeled and chopped onion into the bowl of the blender, peeled garlic, dill, basil leaves.
  • Step 3 Grind into a gruel.
  • Step 4 "Discolour" the tomatoes. Make a crosswise incision, turn over with boiling water, remove the skin.
  • Step 5 Cut the tomatoes into pieces, remove the seeds with a spoon. Put the flesh in the blender to the onion.
  • Step 6 Grind.
  • Step 7 Pour olive oil into a saucepan. Put the mass from the blender, bring to a boil. Put salt, sugar, a pinch of Italian herbs, paprika. Boil on the smallest fire under the lid for about an hour or two.
  • Step 8 Boil until thick. The sauce should not drain off the spoon.
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