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Brynza's recipe in the shop

Baked cheese with egg Brynza, cookedOn this recipe comes out surprisingly tender and juicy. In the process of baking, it seeps with aromas and juice of tomatoes, pepper, is enriched with the taste of real butter. The whole process of cooking cheese occurs as if on a pair, because the top ceramic mold is sealed with a raw egg, which has time to prepare while baking cheese. Very tasty with minimal time.

  • Brynza 200 g
  • Tomatoes 1 pc.
  • Pepper sweet 1 pc.
  • Eggs chicken 2 pcs.
  • Butter 30 g
  • Step 1 For the preparation of cheese in the Shopish style we will need cheese, eggs, pepper, tomato, butter.
  • Step 2 Peel the tomato from the peel, and pepper from the seeds. Cut the cheese and tomato into cubes, and the pepper into strips.
  • Step 3 Refractory molds should be lubricated with plenty of oil.
  • Step 4 Put the cheese on the bottom of the molds.
  • Step 5 For the cheese - tomatoes. Top with tomatoes - sweet pepper.
  • Step 6 On the pepper, break each egg into one egg and put the remaining oil on top.
  • Step 7 Bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes at 180 ° C. It is necessary to serve this cheese hot.
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