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Cake recipe "French fast food"

Pancake cake with custard FrenchThe fastener is nothing but a real pancake cake with cream. Why French, I also do not know, but I guess that because of the translation: pancakes in French "Crpes". And classic pastries are thin pancakes, custard batter, custard, caramel. As such, there is no single recipe, but there is a single component, of course - it's thin pancakes. The cake should be necessarily multilayer, the more, the more beautiful. And the cream is different, which determines the main taste of the cake. As always, I do not like to repeat myself, and I decided to recreate my Crepville again, and I present to you for the first time a pancake cake with a custard creamy-curd vanilla cream, a chocolate cream cheese cream and a caramelized caramel cream. The longest in cooking is baking the pancakes themselves. I cooked 36 pieces, 12 pieces with a frying pan diameter of 28 cm, 12 pieces - 24 cm and 12 pieces - 20 cm. To speed up the preparation of the cream, I cool it in an ice bath. A little patience and delicious dessert awaits you. The cake should stand in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Now let's get down to the recipe. All culinary inspiration and, as always, waiting for your feedback!

  • Butter 50 g
  • Wheat Flour 600 g
  • Sugar powder 50 g
  • Sugar, vanilla 15 g
  • Eggs of chicken 9 pcs.
  • Milk 600 ml
  • Butter 200 ml
  • Water boiled 600 ml
  • Salt 2 pinch
  • Cream 200 ml
  • Chocolate black 140 g
  • Curd 200g
  • Cocoa powder 30 g
  • Cream 500 ml
  • Sugar 300 g
  • Butter 50 g
  • Milk 600 ml
  • Corn starch 4 tbsp. L.
  • Cottage cheese 300 g
  • Cream 1400 ml
  • Starch corn 6 tbsp. L.
  • Sugar 200g
  • Sugar, vanilla 30 g
  • Cottage cheese 400 g
  • Step 1 Prepare ingredients for pancakes: milk, sour milk, water, flour, eggs, salt, sugar powder, vanilla sugar.
  • Step 2 Connect the water, milk and sour milk.
  • Step 3 Add sugar powder, vanilla sugar, salt and all the eggs. We mix it with a whisk until it is uniform.
  • Step 4 Sift the flour and mix.
  • Step 5 We melt the butter and pour it into the dough. We stir until all the lumps are completely dissolved. The dough should be homogeneous. We'll take them aside and let the test rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • Step 6 Next, bake thin pancakes. Fry the frying pan with oil a little bit and at the hot, do not burn the oil, pour a thin layer of dough, tilt the frying pan in different directions, thereby distributing the dough evenly. As soon as the dough becomes golden and separate from the bottom of the frying pan, turn it over to the other side (baking one pancake no more than 1-1.5 minutes). And so 36 pieces - for 12 different diameters.
  • Step 7 Prepare the ingredients for 3 types of cream: cream, sugar, milk, starch, vanilla sugar, butter, cottage cheese, cocoa, chocolate.
  • Step 8 While the dough is resting, prepare the caramel cream (see steps 2-8).
  • Step 9 Next, prepare the vanilla cream (see steps 9-10).
  • Step 10 For a chocolate cream, heat the cream with chunks of chocolate. We interfere constantly.
  • Step 11 Add cocoa and cook on low heat for 2-3 minutes, without forgetting to interfere.
  • Step 12 Divide the cream into 2 parts. We will cool one on an ice bath and we will intervene with cottage cheese. The other will be for glazing cake.
  • Step 13 From caramel and vanilla cream, let's divide 1 tablespoon to decorate.
  • Step 14 In the bulk of each cream, we intervene with cottage cheese.
  • Step 15 Let's collect the cake: put the big pancakes one on the dish.
  • Step 16 We glue each pancake on top with vanilla cream. Important: you need to distribute the cream on an equal amount for every pancake. Boca is anointed the last.
  • Step 17 Then we put pancakes of medium size.
  • Step 18 We distribute the caramel cream for every pancake. Just soak the sides of the cake.
  • Step 19 Then we put the smallest pancakes. Half of the chocolate cream with cottage cheese is distributed on top of each pancake. We also cover the sides of the cake.
  • Step 20 The second half of the chocolate cream will just cool down. Let's watch the cake. Let the cream freely spread, slightly tilting the cake to the sides. We remove the cake for at least 6 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Step 21 Before serving, we decorate to your liking. I decorated with strawberries, a pancake rose, left for 1 tbsp. L. Each of the creams (cream filled syringe and painted spider).
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