/ How many soft boiled eggs. A simple way to make soft-boiled eggs.

How many to boil eggs soft-boiled. A simple way to make soft-boiled eggs.


How many minutes to boil eggs soft, so that the protein is completely frozen, and the yolk is liquid? To make everything perfect, you must follow certain rules:

  • If you want the contents to be liquid, put a few pieces in a saucepan, wait for the bubbles, and let them simmer for 2 minutes;
  • If you do not like a very liquid protein, but wantEnjoy the flowing yolk, dip the eggs in cold water, wait until the boils, and cook for 3 minutes. In this case, the protein will be jelly-like, but not quite solid;
  • To cook soft-boiled eggs with a fullHardened white part and a liquid yellow core, lower them into a boiling salted liquid, leave for 1 minute, remove the saucepan from the burner, close the lid and leave for 5 minutes. Before you put eggs in boiling water, lightly warm them at room temperature, otherwise they will crack.

If you are going to cook soft-boiled quail eggs, shorten cooking time by half.

In the "bag"

Quite an interesting and unique method of cookingEggs. Honestly, this dish is for an amateur, but everyone should try it. Put the food in a cold water, wait for the bubbling and wait four minutes. Or dip them into boiling water and wait one minute, then turn off the stove and leave for seven minutes. It turns out something in between the way soft and hard.


Many believe that making a mistake in cookingHard-boiled method is simply impossible - wait for yourself "to the limit" and you will not lose. However, if you over-rest products in the boiling water, they will turn out to be tasteless and will not differ appetizing appearance.

Put the eggs in a saucepan, wait for the firstBubbles and after a minute reduce power to a minimum. Cook on a small fire for seven to eight minutes. If the dish is digested, the protein part will resemble rubber in a consistency, and the "sunny" middle will be covered with a gray bloom.

Secrets of cooking

These recommendations will help you to always ideally prepare:

  • Salt the liquid in the proportion of 2 tbsp. L. On 1 liter, and even if the shell will crack, the protein will remain inside;
  • Do not put the food in boiling water directly from the refrigerator - let them cool down at room temperature, otherwise the shell will crack;
  • All eggs have an air bag at the blunt end. If you pierce the shell with a needle in this place, then during cooking it is guaranteed to remain intact;
  • Do not cook in a large saucepan. First, the time of boiling increases, and secondly, in the seething water they will knock on each other and crack;
  • If you caught fresh testicles just from under the chicken, keep out of the boiling water twice less;
  • Arrange a "contrast shower" once removed from the plate - then they will be easier to clean;
  • For half a minute before the end of cooking, tap the sides of the shell with the blunt end of the knife. Such a simple manipulation will clear them much faster.

If you remember these simple rules, you can foldAnd forever learn how to cook the most delicious chicken eggs for any dishes. By the way, you can water home plants after cooling down. It contains a lot of calcium, which favorably affects the growth of flowers.

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