/ Recipe Ice Cream Cocktail

Cocktail ice cream recipe

  • Milk fat - 1 glass
  • Creamy ice cream - 60 Grams (or one cup)
  • Fruit preserves or syrup - 2 teaspoons

1. To make a cocktail, you will need a mixer or blender. Since the cocktail is whipped hard and fast for a few minutes. Pour into the blender and milk and whisk for about two minutes. 2. Add the ice cream to the whipped milk. Continue to beat until a persistent foam appears. 3. When the ice cream with milk is well fried, add the syrup. It is better to add jam, because the taste is more resistant. And the consistency of the cocktail will get thicker. But this is an amateur. Choose yourself. The cocktail is ready.

Servings: 1

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