/ Egg Flan Recipe in Microwave

Egg flan recipe in microwave oven

We prepare the egg flan in a microwave oven Flan -A typical dessert originally from Spain, which has become popular on the tables of Creole in Cuba since the colonization and continues to conquer the stomachs in different parts of the world. This dessert is prepared on the basis of milk, sugar, fresh chicken eggs, pouring the caramel into the bottom. This is a basic set of ingredients that can be varied at will, say, adding coffee, vanilla, cocoa powder, we, respectively, get a coffee, vanilla, chocolate flan. Also, the flan can be cooked on the skin of condensed milk. Prepare the flan on a steam bath in the oven, but today we will cook everything easier and faster using a microwave oven! The taste of the egg flan resembles a sweet omelet with caramel sauce.

  • Milk 400 ml
  • Eggs chicken 4 pcs.
  • Sugar 9 tbsp. L.
  • Water boiled 2.5 tbsp. L.
  • Step 1 To prepare the egg flan in the microwave we will need sugar, chicken eggs, milk, a little water, portioned ceramic souffle forms.
  • Step 2 At the bottom of ceramic portioned soufflé forms we pour 1 tbsp. L. Sahara.
  • Step 3 Pour into each form for 0.5 tbsp. L. water. We put it in the microwave for 4 minutes at 800 W, but we need to make sure that the sugar does not burn.
  • Step 4 Meanwhile, the eggs are driven into a deep bowl, add the remaining sugar.
  • Step 5 Lightly beat the eggs and sugar with a whisk.
  • Step 6 Pour in the milk and beat again lightly.
  • Step 7 We take the form from the microwave - we have caramel ready!
  • Step 8 Pour the egg-and-milk mixture over the caramel.
  • Step 9 We put in a microwave oven, we exposePower 600 watts and cook 8 minutes. Let the prepared flask cool and shipped to the refrigerator for at least an hour. Before serving with a sharp knife we ​​pass along the walls of the mold and turn the dessert on the saucer caramel up.
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