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Decoration of sweet dishes

Dessert Jewelry</ H2>

Ornaments made of caramel, glaze, oil, protein, fruit or cream cream, fudge, chocolate, marzipan, sugar and other sweet sprinkles refer to dessert.


If the cake is covered with a cream, then on it you can make a simple drawing with the help of a conventional dining-room fork. Lightly press it against the cream and draw her wavy lines.

As for the confectionery bag with various nozzles, then with its help you can make any, even the most difficult in performance, ornaments.


The simplest decoration is chocolate chips. Chocolate take away for 20-30 minutes in a warm place (about 30-35 degrees), then cut off its surface with thin layers and roll them into tubes.

From softened chocolate you can make anyDrawings. Melt the chocolate in a confectioner's syringe, squeeze out various figurines from it onto a sheet of plain paper, and when the chocolate stops, put the ready-made sweet figures on top of the cake.

Difficult designs first draw a pen on paper, place it under the tracing paper and on it, apply a chocolate pattern.

Similarly, you can make decorations from fondant and glaze, although they are best suited for glazing the surface of confectionery.


The hard mass of almonds, sugar and water, taken in the ratio of 2: 2: 1, is an excellent material for making sweet ornaments.

From marzipan, you can fashion mushrooms, fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers, animal figurines and decorate them with food colorants with the help of special molds.


From butter you can make jewelry forVarious dishes. The simplest is the balls, which you can cut out of the frozen oil with a knife-notch. From the balls spread curbs or make a variety of compositions. With the help of special molds from the butter, figured ornaments are cut out. Cut a frozen layer of oil 0.5-1 cm thick, cut out the figures with molds and put them in ice water. Decorate them with the dish immediately before serving.

Butter can be pre-dyed with food colorings, then carved from them ornaments will look even more interesting.

Green color cream butter can be given withUsing spinach juice, orange - using carrot juice, red - using beetroot. Juice is better added to the softened oil, so that they are evenly mixed, and before making the decoration put the mass in the refrigerator to freeze.


From caramel, which is a mixture of sugar, water, citric acid and edible dye, you can make various ornaments.

The simplest decoration of caramel is the curls. To make them, twist the caramel that has not completely cooled to the sausage and twist it with a spiral onto a wooden stick, which it is better to pre-lubricate with oil. When caramel is cold, gently remove it.

To make caramel flowers, beforehandPrepare stamps for them. You can make them from hard vegetables, for example, from potatoes, carving figurines like flowers. Stamp such a stamp on the fork, lower it into melted caramel, then pull it out and fold it on the board and gently pry out the resulting flower.

Depending on what kind of composition you plan to make, you can cut out stamps of different shapes.


To decorate a cake or a cake with a sprinkling, then for this use, as a rule, cardboard or plastic patterns, cut out in the form of various figures.

For a template, you can use any drawing you like, provided it does not have a very intricate shape (in this case it will be quite difficult to cut out a neat pattern).

Place the template on the surface of the product before it is rinsed, and then remove it. You can leave the resulting drawing as it is or decorate at your own discretion.

Using several templates in turn, youYou can apply a multicolored pattern to the product. In this case, select the desired shades in advance. Brown color will give ground coffee or cocoa, white - powdered sugar, other colors - the same powdered sugar, mixed with the addition of edible dyes.

Jewelery from dough

Figures from the dough, as a rule, decorate pastries: Pies, buns, cakes, cakes, etc. You can cut out dough ornaments with a sharp knife or different shapes. Also, as decoration of pies, braids made of thin stripes of dough suit well.

To make jewelry, you can use any dough. However, it should be more dense than the dough used for the main product.

The simplest decoration from the dough is the leaves. To make them, roll out a dough 3-5 mm thick, cut out of it elongated triangular figures, at the edges of which are cuts. Slightly stretch the triangles in length to make the figures in the form of leaves.

To make figurines, roll out the doughThickness of 10-15 mm and using molds, cut out figures from it. If you do not have special tools, cut the knife dough with small pieces and mold out any figure from each.

Open and semi-open pies you can decorate with dough strips. Roll the dough into a thin layer, cut from it narrow strips and lay them in the form of a lattice on a pie.

Jewelery from jelly

Jelly is a good material for creating a variety of elements of decorating dishes.

The most simple ornaments are a multi-coloredCubic or marble jelly. For the first type of jewelry, cut into jelly of different colors. In a saucer 5 mm high, pour a transparent jelly, put into it jelly cubes of other colors, stir and chill. After that, slice the jelly and decorate the ready-made dish.

To make marble jelly, you need jelly3-4 colors. Shortly before solidification, mix it and pour it into a 1.5 cm high dish. After this, several times, draw a wooden sharpened toothpick over the surface of the jelly to make it look like marble. When the jelly gets cold, cut it in the form of any geometric or other figures.

To make flaky jelly pour in a saucerLiquid jelly layer 2 mm, cool. Then pour a jelly of a different color on top, cool again, etc. Layers can be as many as you like. From the frozen jelly, cut out any figures.

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