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How to collect and salt mushrooms?

How to collect mushrooms?</ H2>

Even if you went to collect mushrooms in the firstTimes, then you will never confuse the mushrooms with other mushrooms. In general, the mushrooms have several imitators and twins. Their difference in color and the so-called mohnatushkah on the edges of the cap. Often, they are not as prominent and luxurious as the real mushroom-mushroom. Fragile tight podgruzdki, for example, only pretend. They have a dry and smooth head, without mohnatushkas, and even not so withered. A real mushroom publishes a thin bead of juice, which smells very sharp and reminds honey of its stickiness. Usually it is on the cilia of the plates that are bent.

A real mackerel or raw according to its tasteQualities and aroma rightfully takes first place. It has a white or cream-yellow hat. And on this hat there are some watery places. Also you can see the edge on the tucked edges. Milky juice is white, but in the air it turns yellow-gray in an instant. In birch and pine-birch forests from Siberia to Europe you can find a real mushroom. But if you want to find a yellow mushroom-mushroom, then you should start searching in the usual spruce or spruce-fir forests. The hat of the yellow mushroom has a diameter of 5 to 15 centimeters. You can also see such a fungus in Europe and the Far East. It should be noted that these edible mushrooms are conditional, because they can be eaten only in salt form.

To really hunt for black mushrooms beginin August. It mainly grows in mixed and birch forests. From other varieties of these fungi it differs in size. Black mushrooms can have a hat of up to 20 centimeters in diameter. It is very dense and fleshy, has a brown, almost black color. To pickle black mushrooms, it must initially boil. Almost at the same time, an aspen mushroom grows with a black mushroom. Such a mushroom can be found in damp aspen forests from August to September. It is distinguished by a whitish hat with reddish or brownish spots. Mushrooms pepper has such a name for a reason. It can easily replace the seasoning. This mushroom is dried, ground and added to different dishes as mustard. Naturally, the raw mushroom is more common, and it is not necessary to search for it for a long time. If the summer is not always heavy rains, then the harvest of mushrooms is secured. In early September, you can go hunting for mushrooms. There are only two of the most common types of pickling mushrooms. Now we will consider both.

Cold pickling

Before fungi are salted, they need to bePrepare. If you want to pickle the mushrooms in the way of cold salting, then you will need to initially soak them in water. This is very important in order to remove the bitterness in the mushrooms. First, rinse the mushrooms off the ground, dirt and leaves and cut the wormy parts. As a rule, mushroom pickers also cut off the legs of the muck. By the way, take note that the legs can be eaten separately. For example, fry. As soon as you wash the mushrooms, they should be placed in a rather large and spacious container with the caps down. In this tank, you will soak the mushrooms, this process will take two to three days. And it is necessary to change the water every day and even twice.

Babushkin's recipe

All the mushrooms that you brought from the forest, you needWash and weigh. For one kilogram of mushrooms you will need two tablespoons of salt. A couple of days of mushrooms need to soak, while often changing the water. For example, if you soaked three pounds of mushrooms, then you need to pour 600 grams of water into a pan, put 6 spoons of salt (without a slide, and along the edge) and mushrooms. Once the mushrooms boil, it is necessary to put pepper and bay leaf into the pan. The mushrooms should be boiled for forty-five minutes. When the mushrooms are ready, they should be poured into a colander, while keeping the pickle, you will need it. After the pancakes have drained, put them in jars with garlic, dill and currant leaves. Even when the mushrooms are drained, be sure to slightly pour them in a colander (by eye, one pinch). After the mushrooms are put in cans, fill them with brine. Top with an umbrella dill and 2 tablespoons lean oil, so as not to pass air. That's the whole secret!

Well, that's how the granny's grandmothers salted, we already learned, let's now consider another recipe for cold salting.

Before you salt the mushrooms, you need to calculate oneA simple formula: from the total weight of the mushrooms you need to take 4% salt. In general, per kilogram of mushrooms you will need 40 grams of salt. By tradition, to salt the mushrooms, you need to use oak wooden barrels. However, if you want to pickle only a few pounds of mushrooms, then the usual glass jars are fine. Remember that in the salting the most important is to properly lay mushrooms. At the bottom of the jars you need to pour out the salt, further for the aroma we lay the leaves of cherry, horseradish, currant, dill stems with tops and one or two cloves of garlic (sliced). To give mushrooms a piquant taste, you can add a laurel leaf there, but this is not necessary. Then mushrooms are laid out with their caps down, after which add 2-3 peas of pepper and salt on one layer. Now repeat everything that you have already done, that is, lay out again the same layer and so until the bank is full. Top with mushrooms cover with currant and cherry leaves. And remember, before you put the mushrooms in cans, they need to be poured in a colander by eye. Once the mushrooms are laid, fill them with brine. Now put the lid on the jar and it's better if it is smaller than the neck of the jar, and if you decide to salt the mushrooms in another container, then you can cover the mushrooms with a plate. From above necessarily place the load, it can be a weight, a container of water or any other heavy object. After all these procedures, lower the mushrooms into the basement or refrigerator. The most delicious salted mushrooms can be eaten in a month or a half. This way you can grease all kinds of muck. But how to salt mushrooms - hot or cold way - this is the business of the hostess.

Hot pickling

To pickle the mushrooms in this way, youIt will take much less time. If there are no necessary conditions for maceration of mushrooms or, for example, when it is very hot and the fungi need to be treated as quickly as possible, then this method of salting is used. There are only two ways of boiling mushrooms. If you have collected or bought a small amount of mushrooms, then they can be cooked portion by piece. Each serving should be cooked in fresh water, so that the bitterness is completely boiled out of the piles. About twenty minutes - this is the minimum, you must go to cook mushrooms. After that, mushrooms rinse in cold water and swing it over a sieve or colander, and then put in a container, sprinkled with salt. To produce a hot pickling of mushrooms, you will also need 40 grams of salt per kilogram of mushrooms.

Spice the mushrooms with garlic, horseradish, onions and dill, cover and put the load on top. So keep in cold water mushrooms should be about a week. After that mushrooms can already be tried.

But if you need to pickle a lot of mushrooms, thenPlace them in a mesh container that is made of stainless steel and is usually used for blanching, and boil the piles in it for twenty minutes, and remember that the water must be salted.

When cooking on water, foam will appear, it needs to beConstantly shoot. When the mushrooms are cooked, throw them on the grate and leave the water to drain. After that, the greaves are salted as in the cold method of pickling. However, if there are a lot of mushrooms, the salt should be laid not with 4, but with 6% of the total weight of mushrooms. So the mushrooms will be ready in twenty-five days. Best for this method of salting is suitable for black mushrooms.

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