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Irish coffee: history and cooking

Irish coffee has more than one recipe, aroundThe world has spread a whole lot, and each of them is good in its own way, but now you will see the most traditional, classic IrishCoffee cooking recipe. This recipe is registered by the International Bar Association and is also included in their list of official cocktails.

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It should immediately be noted that you will need Irish original whiskey, without it nothing will come of it. And use the best such as: Tullamore Dew, Jameson or Bushmills.

The list of necessary funds:

  • 40 ml of Irish whiskey;
  • 80 ml of hot black coffee;
  • 30 ml whipped cream:
  • 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar.

For a beautiful feed, Irish Coffee is usedA special glass with a capacity of about 150 ml. This glass is heated with hot water and filled with pre-cooked hot black coffee, add unrefined sugar, which can be roasted in a frying pan for obtaining a special brownish shade. After that, the coffee is thoroughly stirred. When the sugar is completely dissolved, add whiskey and decorate the drink with whipped cream, which are cautiously laid on the surface of the cocktail in the form Such an unusual cap. Well, the drink is ready, now you can enjoy both the aesthetically pleasing and aromatic, intoxicating taste of standing classical irlandskogokofe.

History of the origin of the Irish coffee

Now is the time to tell youThe history of the Irish Coffee. In the mid-30s of the 20th century, to fly across the Atlantic, it was necessary to survive the unusual stress - for any passenger this was a whole test. Many flights could last even for 16 hours. Almost the most important trans-transit junction of transatlantic airlines at that time was Shannon Airport, in the town of Phoenix, which is located in County Limerick. For passengers to be more comfortable and comfortable, they opened a cafe in which anyone could pass several hours of tiring. But after the prime minister visited there, thoughts began to open about opening a first class restaurant with a chef and national dishes. The restaurant was opened, and Joseph Sheridan became the head chef in it.

Once in 1942 it was a very cold evening and inThe airport has gathered a large number of people who had to return to Foines because their flight was canceled - the weather was bad. Moreover, the passengers had to not only wait a long time for the next aircraft, but also wear all the warmest things. That evening, at the bar, Dzhozef Sheridan was on duty, he watched this picture for several hours, but then he got the idea that it would be able to cheer people up and brighten up the hours of waiting. But he did not offer pure whiskey to people, but simply started adding it to coffee. One passenger, having tasted the taste, asked: "Is this Brazilian coffee?", Joseph thought a little, and then answered: "No, rather, Irish ..."

In 1945, Farnes airport was closed and the eraSeaplanes ended up. They were replaced by Boeing and liners, and on the wall of the bar still there is a memorial plaque and a legend that is called Irish Coffee. Now every July 19 in Foines celebrate the birthday of Irish coffee. The baristas of the whole world gather around and compete in the preparation of a drink created by Joseph Sheridan.

There is another recipe for making coffeeIn Irish, but it does not have such an alcoholic drink as Irish whiskey, for this variant the popular liqueurs "Baileys" are used. But such a drink is already called Coffee Baileys, which has a very delicate aroma - no lady before him will not stand.

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