/ How to pickle red fish?

How to pickle red fish?

What is necessary for the proper salting of fish?
First you need to buy fish. When salting very tasty, such species as salmon, keta, char and trout will be obtained. Fish pick picky, make sure that it was as fresh as possible. It should be divided into one-piece USB flash drives - so it looks more aesthetically. Also, remove the skin from it, since it will be difficult to remove after salting.

To salinize the red fish you will need: Citric acid, salt, sugar, vodka and, of course, one kilogram of fresh trout (you can use another red fish, but this recipe makes this fish more tasty).

Preparation. First you need to get rid of bones and skin,Several times thoroughly wash the fish. Next, the fillet should be cut into small slices, if the fish was frozen, then it should be thawed to a state of light frost. When chopping fish, place them in a tray. In this case, a deep, preferably rectangular or square vessel is suitable. After the first layer of fillet is laid, it must be sprinkled with all the available ingredients, as well as sprinkle with vodka and lemon juice. After stacking each layer, repeat this operation.

When laying the fish in a container completelyIt is necessary to tighten it with food film, but do not forget to pierce the holes in it, otherwise the fish will suffocate. Within 5 hours, the fillet should stand at room temperature (this is necessary for the fish to let the juice), after which the fish should be cleaned in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days. Periodically, two or three times a day, you need to get it and water it with juice, which will be collected at the bottom of the tray. After the juice is fully absorbed by the fish, it can be obtained and placed in a dry container or wrapped in paper.

Other ways of salting red fish
There are still many ways of pickling red fish, with different kinds of ingredients and actions. Here are a few more of them.

The first method presented is similar to the previous one, but has an entirely different composition of ingredients:

2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of lemon peel, 1/3 cup of vinegar essence, one glass of water.

This quantity of ingredients is calculated for 1 kgfillet. As in the previous recipe, the fish should be cut and put into pieces in a container, preferably add onions (cut into rings) between layers, and add chopped garlic and horseradish, then pour the marinade from the above ingredients and leave in a refrigerator for several Days.

There is an even simpler way with which you can salivate the red fish. This method uses vegetable oil and saltI do not need anything else. As in the previous descriptions of recipes, you need to cut the fish into slices, but not more than 0.5 cm in thickness, pour oil (in proportion to a kilogram: about half a cup), and add 3 teaspoons of salt.

Not everyone likes to mess around with the "wet" types of salting,so here's another way to pick up the red fish "dry." You do not have to use marinade, but you need to take each piece and carefully wipe it with salt, then fold it together and wrap it with either a clean cloth or paper for a few days and leave it in the refrigerator, preferably in the tray, since the fillet can give juice.

Now, knowing a few ways of pickling redfish, you can easily surprise friends or relatives. Salted red fish fillet is perfectly combined with different salads, it fits in sandwiches to champagne and wines, and also it will not look lonely on the festive table in the form of a delicacy.
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