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We cook an excellent dessert: pudding

Pudding is referred to as flour products. It is made from eggs, butter (or margarine), flour, sugar powder, rice, semolina, grated biscuit or biscuit biscuits, oat flakes, almonds, nuts, cottage cheese, chocolate, carrots and other ingredients. The dessert dough is prepared with a special dish, which is closed with a lid, then immersed in 1/3 of the volume in a pan (with boiling water). Usually pudding is cooked for about an hour, this depends on the dishwashing. If the volume of dishes is not large, then it will be enough for 20-45 minutes.

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For preparation it is necessary strictly under the prescriptionKnead the test. The baking dish is abundantly greased with margarine or butter, then sprinkle with breadcrumbs (so that the dough does not stick) and fill it with 3/4 of its volume (because when baking the dough increases). To have a superpowder not adhered to the lid, it should also be smeared with margarine or butter and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The mold is placed in a pot of boiling water. In case the water is boiled, it must be topped up. To make sure your product is ready, you need to remove the mold from the water, open the lid and pierce it with a wooden stick. If the dough does not stick to the wooden stick, then the dish is ready.

The finished dessert is served to the table in a cold orHot water, pouring it on top with a kissel, compote, juice or garnishing with pieces of fruit, whipped cream, mashed nuts, almonds, cream, chocolate, candies and so on.

Pudding from sweet cherry

Necessary ingredients: 80 grams of margarine or butter, 4 eggs, 100 grams of powdered sugar, ground cinnamon, 80-90 ginned crackers, cloves, ground cinnamon, lemon zest, ripe cherries.

Preparation: Butter, egg yolks and sugar are ground,Add a little ground cloves, cinnamon, almonds, lemon zest, protein foam, finely chopped tuna and mix everything. The resulting mass is spread into a mold (covered with butter or margarine and sprinkled with breadcrumbs), covered with a lid and placed in boiling water. A pot of boiling water is also covered with a lid. Brew about 45-60 minutes until cooked. After the preparedness, they overeat with jelly or fruit juice.

Mannequin Pudding

Necessary ingredients: Melted butter, 3 eggs, 40 g of grated mintal, 100 g of powdered sugar, juice and lemon peel, 80 g of semolina.

Preparation: Egg yolks are ground with sugar, addAlmonds, crushed lemon zest and juice and mix everything. Stir the melted milk, semolina, protein foam. The prepared mass is spread into a mold (greased with oil or margarine and sprinkled with breadcrumbs), covered with a lid and placed in boiling water. A pot of boiling water is also covered with a lid. Ready pudding pour with kissel, compote or fruit juice.

Banana pudding with chocolate

Necessary ingredients: 4 eggs, powdered sugar, 40 g of margarine or butter, 50-60 g of chocolate, 1 banana.

Preparation: Yolks, butter, sugar must be grinded inFoam, add grated chocolate, a banana and mix the whole mass. The protein foam along with the breadcrumbs is mixed into the prepared mass and spread into a finished shape, covered with a lid and placed in a pot of boiling water, which is also covered with a lid. Ready dessert is decorated with pieces of crushed fruit, whipped cream and ibanan.

Apricot pudding

Necessary ingredients: 50 g flour, 0.4 milk, 3 eggs, 30-40 g butter or margarine, powdered sugar, 7 grams of drinking water, 50 grams of jam from apricots, a little raisins, apricot compote.

Preparation: Butter (or margarine), mix with flour and fry,Then pour the milk and cook until thick. The prepared mass is cooled and sugar, water and 3 egg yolks are added. The mixture must be mixed with raisins and 50 g of powdered sugar, then add a thick protein foam and put everything in a greased form. Ready dessert is served with a compote.

Apple pudding

Necessary ingredients: 500 g of apples, cinnamon, 2 pcs. Carnations, 60 gsahara, sugar powder 50 grams, 4 eggs, 2 biscuits, milk.

Preparation: The apples are peeled and cut into smallPieces, fall asleep a small amount of sugar, add cinnamon, 2 cloves and stew. Chilled soft apples must be wiped through a sieve. Rinse the butter and 4 egg yolks. Sugars cut into small pieces and soak in milk, squeeze and also rub through a sieve. Apples are mixed with yolk mass, breadcrumbs and dried breadcrumbs. Brew until ready.

Raspberry pudding

Necessary ingredients: 3 tablespoons of raspberry jam, sokodnogo orange, 190 g of powdered sugar, 5 eggs.

Preparation: Stir the orange juice, sugar, raspberryJam and 4 egg yolks. To the prepared mass mix the protein foam and 80 g of breadcrumbs. Cook ready. Ready pudding can be decorated with whipped cream or jam.

Orange pudding

Necessary ingredients: 9 egg yolks, 1 egg, butter (or margarine), 100 g of powdered sugar, 2 breadcrumbs, milk, 1 orange, almonds.

Preparation: Margarine (or butter), 9 egg yolks and eggTriturated into a foam. Saccharin need to pour the milk, soak, squeeze and mix to the finished yolk-weevil. Then add grated peeled almonds, crushed zedruapelcina, mix well and put into a mold. Cook until ready. Ready pudding is decorated with orange slices.

Walnut pudding

Necessary ingredients: 70 g of ground nuts, melted butter, 80 g of flour, 6 egg whites, 30 g of vanillin.

Preparation: From egg whites need a protein foam,Add sugar powder, vanillin, flour, 20 grams of breadcrumbs, melted butter and nuts. The resulting mass is put into the form. They are cooked until ready. Ready pudding is served with compote.

Carrot pudding

Necessary ingredients: 180 g carrots, 140 g breadcrumbs, powdered sugar, 3 eggs, 50 grams of butter or margarine, lemon peel and juice, 0,2 lsmethanes.

Preparation: Peel and grate carrots, then mixSugar bread, butter, lemon juice, lemon zest and protein foam. Put the resulting mass in a greased form and cook until ready.

Chocolate pudding

Necessary ingredients: 80 g chocolate, 20 g cocoa powder, 0.3 lmoloka, 100 g flour, 80 g butter or margarine, 5 eggs, powdered sugar, vanillin.

Preparation: The thickened mass is mixed with crushedChocolate, pinch of salt, milk, powder cocoa and flour. Egg yolks, butter, vanillin grind and mix with the mass of izshokolada. Spread into a mold and cook until done. The finished dessert is decorated with fruits and whipped cream.

Pineapple pudding

Necessary ingredients: 1 tablespoon pineapple juice, 50 gananasovy compote, pineapple, powdered sugar, vanillin, 3 eggs, 50 grams of almonds, 30 bread rippers.

Preparation: Pound vanillin, egg yolksAnd powdered sugar and mixed with pineapple juice, ground pineapple and rustic almonds. The resulting mass is mixed with a thick protein foam and breadcrumbs. Spread into a mold and cook until done. Cooked pudding is decorated with whipped cream, chopped pineapple and served on the table with banana juice or compote.

Plum pudding

Necessary ingredients: 100 g of raisins, 1 tablespoon of rum, 7 grams of soda, vanillin, 50 g of almonds, 2 eggs, 0.25 l of milk, 200 g of breadcrumbs, fruit sauce (0.125 g sour cream, 250 g strawberries, powdered sugar).

Preparation: Breadcrumbs should be soaked inMilk, then add the egg yolks, vanillin, grated nuts, rum, soda and raisins. All the ingredients are mixed before a homogeneous dense mass and add protein foam. All the results are laid out in a greased form and cooked until ready. The finished pudding is served with a fruit sauce. Preparation of fruit sauce: whisk strawberries, sugar and sour cream.

Rice pudding

Necessary ingredients: 30 grams of rice, 4 egg whites, 4 egg yolks, 1 egg, 0,25 l of milk, 100 g of almonds, powdered sugar, 80 g of butter.

Preparation: Washed rice is poured with milk, addA pinch of salt, almonds are brewed until rice is ready. Ready rice is cooled and added to it sugar, butter, mashed eggs and egg yolks. Spread the resulting mass of smeared form and cook until ready. Ready pudding from the top watered with fruit juice.

Cottage cheese pudding

Necessary ingredients: 100 grams of cottage cheese, 70 g of margarine or butter, sugar powder, 4 eggs, lemon peel, 60 g of almonds, vanillin.

Preparation: Grind butter, egg yolks and sugar,Add cottage cheese, mashed almonds mix all the ingredients until smooth. The resulting mass is laid out with a smeared form. Brew for about an hour until ready. The finished dessert is decorated with chocolate and whipped cream.

Coffee pudding

Necessary ingredients: 1 tablespoon of strong infusion of natural black coffee, 60 g of butter or margarine, 120 g of flour.

Preparation: Butter is ground with sugar, thenAdd the egg yolks and cook with herb before thickening. Whisk the egg whites and mix them with a ready-made mass of egg yolks. The resulting spread on the form and cook until ready. Decorate the prepared pudding with whipped cream or pour over the fruit juice.

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