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Five light and quick snacks for the sudden arrival of guests

We offer you a few simple and quick snacks that every guest will like.

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This snack first appeared in France. Canapes are small, 0.5 cm high, weighing 60-80 grams of rabbits, stuffed with different contents (cheese, meat, pate, vegetables, fish, poultry, etc.). Usually the contents of the canapé are planted on the skewers. If there are no skewers, then take it with your hands. Canapes are designed for one bite, so they are served in large quantities and preferably with different fillings. We offer you a simple, but at the same time original and attractive recipes.

For four people you will need the followingProducts: bread grind with bran or gray bread - 300-400 grams, 5 eggs (pre-cooked), 300-400 grams of pate (meat, fish, poultry), garlic gruel, 30 ml of olive oil and a little parsley.

Bread must be cut into small squares(2x2 cm), this can be done with a special mold. Sliced ​​bread fry on the masli appearance of crust and put on the dish for serving. Then loaf the bread for kanape with garlic. Eggs cut in half and lay on top of the bread. Nayaytsa it is necessary to put pate. If uvass has a corrugated knife, then use it and give the paste the desired shape. On top of each canapé, decorate with parsley. The Canapes are ready.


The word tartlet from French translates asCake. This is a small basket of unleavened dough, up to 10 cm in diameter, in which are placed a different snack: fish, pate, caviar, meat, salads, various cold snacks and so on. Tartlets can be served on a common plate, but each tartlet is lined with a salon, and the guest takes a snack along with it. Also tartlets can be put on separate plates for each guest. They can be bought at any store. Tartlets are very convenient and practical, because they can put everything: sweet, sharp, spicy, salty snacks. We will share with you a holiday and an easy recipe for tasty tartlets.

For four people you will need the followingProducts: 20 ready tartlets, 250-300 grams of mashed potatoes, 150 grams of a vegetable mixture (green peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms, etc.), 50 grams of hard cheese, 150 grams of bacon and 30 młolovikovoj oils.

Fill each tartlet to halfMashed potatoes and put them on a dish. Grind carrots, mushrooms, bacon, onions, peas and other ingredients and lightly fry them in olive oil. The resulting mixture is mashed. Scrunch the cheese and sprinkle each tartlet. That's all, snack is ready.

Cheese plate

Cheese plate is considered a compositional dish,On which there are at least four types of cheese. As a rule, there are six basic tastes that must necessarily be on a cheese plate: sharp, very spicy, pronounced, tender, neutral and fresh. For beauty, a plate is decorated with various fruits, nuts, greens or vegetables. Paste-like and smelted the eggs on such a plate is not laid out. How to determine which cheeses correspond to the six tastes? Young cheeses of white color have a fresh taste, senpolen, tomm and relishon - neutral taste; Delicate taste have fatty cheeses (goat and sheep); Brie, columbia, camembert, shaurs will give a distinct taste, semi-hard and hard varieties will delight with sharpness, and a very sharp taste is characteristic for blue cheeses (livaro, kaklangar, epuas).

Cheeses must be cut in such a way that inEach core had a core and a crust. The form for slicing can be different: cubes, pyramids, briquettes and so on. Russian classic slicing is useful only for hard cheese varieties. Cheese on the plate should be laid out as a pointer in the following way: with a neutral taste, the cheese should be at the level of 6, in the center - soft varieties, and at the edges are semisolid and solid. To a cheese plate had a pleasant aroma, it is necessary to put it on the table an hour before the meal. At room temperature, the aromas of cheeses appear.

The cheese plate is by no means servedBread. It is believed that he interrupts the true taste of cheese. But the knife will come in handy. Videale for each type of cheese should be served a separate knife, so that the taste is immiscible. If there are no knives, then you can use skewers for canapés. Ksyram best served wine. The sharper the cheese, the more sour should be the wine.

For four people you will need the followingProducts: 200 grams of each kind of syringe, 100 grammes (almonds, walnuts, forest), 200 grams of grapes or dates, 50 grams of olives, leaves of green salad (for decorating the plate).

Put a salad leaf on the plate. On top, lay out the cheese and decorate the plate with olives, fruits and nuts. Bon Appetit!

Vegetable mix

This snack option is one of the easiest. The center of the dish is boiled potatoes and is surrounded by greenery and sliced ​​vegetables.

For four people you will need the followingProducts: 12 potatoes (boiled), 200 grams of mushrooms (oily, champignons, canned), eggplant, 7 tomatoes, 1 onion, a pair of cloves of garlic, 30ml of oil, 80 grams of methane and a pair of feathers of green onions.

In salted water boil the potatoes and lay outIts the middle of a large dish. Decorate it with finely chopped green onions. Chop the eggplant, onions and garlic and fry everything in a pan. Then put them around the potato. Put the mushrooms near the eggplant. Fresh tomatoes are cut into pieces and finish the composition. This dish should be served with bread.

Assorted sausage

To make this snack, you will needVery malovremeni. The dish is similar to a cheese plate, but instead of cheese, guests are served a mixed assortment. It is better to choose among smoked foods that have a good flavor. On one plate there can be up to eight types of sausage products.

For four people you will need the following products: 200 grams of different kinds of smoked sausage, 200 grams of pickled mushrooms, 3-4 tomatoes, 2-3 sweet peppers and sauce (can be replaced with ketchup).

Sausage cut and place on a plate in a circle. In the middle, put mushrooms, and sweet pepper, cut into strips. Tomatoes must be cut in rings and put between sausages. In a separate bowl, serve the oretchup sauce. Bon Appetit!

As you can see, to the sudden arrival of guestsTo prepare very simply. The main thing is to show a little imagination. As a snack, you can serve almost everything that is in the refrigerator. Just need to slightly color the products and put it right on the dish. We hope that you and your guests will enjoy our snack recipes.

Bon Appetit!

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