/ How to choose and prepare mussels?

How to choose and prepare mussels?

Surely, if you tried mussels, you know thatThey have an unusual taste, but it depends on where the mussels lived. Of course, for cooking it is best to choose the products that were grown in a clean, ecological setting.

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How to choose mussels

It is best to stay on clams with tightClosed, whole shells. Those that are damaged and open are not suitable for cooking. If the mussels are too heavy, it is possible that they are filled with sand, and if they are too light, then surely the mollusk that was inside long ago died - such mussels are not worth buying. After you buy the product, take care to properly keep the live mussels. Lay them in one layer, cover with a damp towel and place in the fridge. Live seafood can not be stored for more than three days. In supermarkets and stores there are frozen shellfish. Serve them on the table with white and optional dry wine. There is an opinion that from July to October, the mussels are samykuskusnye, in addition, they have very few calories, so the dishes with these products will suit even those ladies who try to keep themselves in shape.

How to cook mussels?

If you plan to go on holiday to the sea, to where the mollusks live, then you will have the opportunity to cook them at the stake.

Mussels at the stake

Preparing them is not difficult. To do this you will need a metal sheet, salt, lemon, mussels, white wine, and of course, a bonfire. You need to place a leaf over the fire, and mussels on it. If mollusks are only caught, then it is necessary to remove the algae from them, but the leaves need to be left. On the hot sheet, the mussels begin to hiss and open themselves. Now you can salt them. It is necessary to wait several minutes, to shift the finished product to plates and sprinkle each lemon with lemon. You see, it's quite easy to cook mussels at the stake. So zhemozhno cook shellfish and houses, in your yard, but the smell and sound of the sea gives the look of a special flavor and unique romance.

Cooked mussels at the stake

Nakostri not only can fry mussels, but alsoBoil. You need to take rice (as much as you want), lemon, greens and salt. First, follow the rice in a saucepan and rinse it-it will be your garnish. Now you need to add water in the pan, bring the boiling water, put the mussels there and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then the water is drained, mussels are placed on plates, just sprinkle with a lemon and, if desired, you can decorate with lime slices, parsley and dill. You have rice for garnish. Dishes!

Vinaigrette with mussels

Kakuzhe said earlier, mussels are low-calorie. Therefore, an excellent option for the girls who follow the figure, there will be such a dish as mussels with vegetables. In addition, you can prepare a vinaigrette with mussels and mushrooms.

You will need: 200 grams of boiled shellfish, a glass of salted mushrooms, 1 onion, 1 beetroot and 1 carrot, 2 potatoes, 3 tablespoons of green onions, 20 maksuasa will need to be mixed in a 0.5 cup lean oil.

You need to boil the mussels and boil separatelyCarrots, potatoes and beetroot. Put the shellfish in a salad bowl, peel the vegetables, cut it finely and add the kididium. Then cut the onions and mushrooms. Mix the products, season with oil and vinegar and sprinkle with green globules.

Moreover, this recipe is great for beer. In addition, to prepare such a salad is simple and fast, but it turns out very tasty.

Salad with mussels and sauce "Tabasco"

You will need 40 grams of bell pepper, 20 grams of lemon juice, as many ghee, 38 grams of mussels and 25 grams of lean oil. In addition, you will need a "Tabasco" sauce, salt, pepper and garlic.

Mussels must be welded in salted water andPut in a salad bowl. Cucumbers and Bulgarian cut into slices and also send to mussels. All the mix and fill with lean oil. Now it's time to add pepper, salt, garlic, lemon juice sauce. Garnish with a salad of slices of Bulgarian pepper and greens. Such a recipe is good for friendly gatherings.

Mussels with vegetables

Probably, every mistress, when she is going to cook mussels, wants the dish to turn straight and not boring. This recipe is just like that.

Vegetis, algae (1 sheet), onion (1 pc.), Carrots (1 pc.), Garlic (2.3 teeth), mussels (500 g), rice vinegar, pickled ginger, coriander seeds and soy sauce.

The mollusk must be unfrozen under hot waterwater and put on a plate. The sheet of seaweed of the noria should be cut by tie-ins (width 2 cm), and then by squares (0.5 cm), sent to a plate of kamidia and pour rice vinegar and ordinary soy sauce. Now it's all pepper, salt and leave, let it marinate. We pass to the preparation of rice.

Rinse under a thin stream of cold water,and then cook for 15 minutes. In the cooking process, you need to throw in the rice 5 laurel leaves, but pull them out before the rice is cooked. When the rice is ready, pour out the water and leave it, let it go down.

Poraris is brewed, you must cut into small pieces,grate carrot, mix vegetables with coriander seeds and fry in oil until golden brown. Now add the pickled seaweed and mussels, let them stew. After five minutes, cut a piece of marinated ginger into 1 cm and add it to the rest of the ingredient to melt. When you notice that the liquid is just enough for gravy, set the dish off fire. On the plates lay rice, stewed mussels with vegetables, sprinkle everything with rice vinegar and soy sauce. This dish also perfectly suits as a snack.

Plov's recipe with mussels

When you decide what to cook with mussels, it's worthremember that they are not only good sandwiches, snacks and salads, but also delicious pilaf. You will be able to enjoy both the guests and the home with such exquisite taste.

For this dish, get: 1 cup of rice, 700 grams of mussels, 1 carrot, 1 onion, bay leaf, 40 grams of butter, a teaspoon of tomato paste, salt and pepper.

Molluscum boil in salted water, afterDo not pour out the water, it will come in handy. Prepare a frying pan, melt the butter and send there sliced ​​a bowl and carrots. The whole essence of the recipe is that together with the vegetables on the frying pan, rice is roasted. When you achieve the golden color of onions, you need to add 2 cups of water (in which the mussels were cooked) in a pan, there also add salt, pepper to taste, tomato paste, and bay leaf. Watch out for the fire to be slow. When the rice comes to the ready, add mussels. The dish should be served hot, decorated with greens.

How to cook frozen mussels?

An excellent option is a dish of mussels cooked in Parmesan.

Take: 100 grams of Parmesan cheese, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 kg of mussels, 200 grams of table wine, 25 grams of butter, salt and pepper.

Use thaw to thaw and rinse. Then put them in a saucepan, pour in the cups and white wine. You need to boil them on medium heat for 7-9 minutes. Put the frying pan on the fire, and when it warms up, put butter and a little lenten, wait until it starts to hiss. Next, in a frying pan, send grated parpeter and crushed garlic. Each mussel needs to be processed in such a way that only one leaf remains, pour with a sauce of cheese and garlic and fry the grill. When the cheese is completely melted, put the shellfish on the dish and only feed it when the cheese starts to harden. For this, the dish should be looked for more mussels, they look more appetizing and more effective.

Bon Appetit!

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