/ How to prepare yoghurt in a multivariate?

How to prepare yoghurt in a multivariate

The homeland of yogurt is Bulgaria,Its composition is most meticulous. That is, no additions to its composition are allowed, only the original and natural product. In domestic yogurt can be present and cream, and milk powder, everywhere there are various dyes, preservatives, as well as processed products. Lack of proper control in relation to the product led to the fact that on the shelves of the store you can often come across a fake with the original name, but not having half of the necessary ingredients. That's why yoghurts cooked at home are gaining popularity. Prepare yogurt is simple enough, it will require some ingredients, a special yogurt or a conventional multivarka.

Useful properties of yogurt

Home-made yoghurts are incredibleUseful, because they are made from completely natural ingredients. The yogurt contains a lot of useful protein, all kinds of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, the composition of yogurt includes a large number of fermented bacteria, which, when ingested, have a positive effect on the digestive processes and help improve immunity. Thus, homemade yogurt is great for people who suffer from intestinal colic and other diseases of the intestinal tract. Yogurt is a hypoallergenic product, which makes it completely safe for those suffering from a variety of forms of allergy.

The recipe for making yogurt in a multivariate

AnyHousewife, because the cooking process is not only extremely simple, but also quite fascinating. Therefore, with a great desire to prepare, you can proceed right now.

To prepare you need:
  • Fresh natural milk;
  • A special starter (it must be used only for the first time, all the subsequent times you can use ready-made yogurt instead);
  • Multivark.

First of all, it is necessary to boil the milk, afterThen cool it to a temperature of about 40 degrees. This temperature is ideal for adding natural yogurt or a special starter. One liter of milk will require two tablespoons of leaven.

Next, the resulting mixture must be poured over smallJars. Dishes from baby food is ideal. Then on the bottom of the mulvarki you need to put a towel, put jars with future yogurt and pour water. Attention: the water should not completely cover the jars, but only reach the shoulders. After that, in the multivarker you need to turn on the heating mode. The duration of cooking yogurt directly depends on the quality of the ferment. Mulvarku should be switched off only when the yogurt becomes thick. The whole process of cooking on average will take no more than a half to two hours.

After turning off the multi-store, yogurt should beLeave a few more hours in it. Leaving yogurt for a whole night is not recommended, because you can get a too acidic product. After cooking and ripening, yogurt is removed, jars are screwed on and lined in a refrigerator.

That's just for a couple of hours you can get excellent, natural, and most importantly, a healthy yogurt.
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