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How to make a gingerbread house

In Russia, the first gingerbread was called honey bread,Tk medsostavil almost half of all other ingredients. After the appearance in Russia of various spices from the Middle East, the gingerbread has undergone changes. In each locality they baked their own gingerbread. For example, Vyazemskopryanik was known far beyond the Russian side. In Europe, as well baked a variety of gingerbread products, but the preparation of gingerbread houses originated inGermany, after the publication of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. At first they were sold at Christmas fairs, but then the housewives started baking them at home. Often, various festivals and contests of gingerbread houses were arranged for the guests, where they liked to buy a house.

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Try this recipe.

For the test: 400 grams of honey, 200 grams of sugar (it is better to take fructose), egg 2 pieces, 50 grams of butter (or margarine), 0.5 tsp. Soda food, 2 tbsp. Vodka or cognac, ¼ st. Water, it is worth noting that if you add vodka to the dough, the quantity of water should be reduced. Also add a mixture of spices 0.5 tsp. And 750 grammuki of the first grade.

To add spices, you can take the finishedMixture, and you can prepare yourself. To do this, mix cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, anise, cloves, in the proportions that you most like. We blend this mixture very carefully. Also, to improve the taste, you can add crushed nuts, lemon zest.

For gluing and decorating the house we are preparing the protein glaze.

Honey, sugar, butter, heat with water untilAs long as the sugar does not dissolve, and add half the sifted flour, rubbed in powder, then quickly mix. The dough is cooled to room temperature, then we introduce into the brewed dough eggs, baking powder and add 2 tbsp. L of vodka or cognac. This is necessary for the best loosening of the dough. Enter gradually the remaining flour and carefully knead it.

Do not try to use all the flour at once, the doughShould not be too steep or very loose, it should be elastic and dense. In the first case, you will get very hard cakes, in the second case the dough will fade and the details of the house will lose shape. Immediately after the preparation of the test, proceed to cutting and baking products. The dough is rolled out with a thickness of 5-8 mm, we cut out the prepared wall patterns and the roof for the house. Bake in the oven at 200-220 ° CaboutC. We take out the baked parts of the house and give it a berth.

After that, we assemble the walls, fastening themAmong themselves with the help of glaze. In order for the walls to hold tight, the glaze must be allowed to dry. Then fasten the first half of the roof to the protein glaze, and minutes through the 10 second half.

Your children will help you decorate the houseVarious nuts, marmalade, candies and sprinkles. Older children can be entrusted to decorate the roof, well, children younger will compete "who will eat the candy faster." Agree, such a miraculous miracle will please not only children, but adults, and will gladden everyone on New Year's and Christmas holidays!

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