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Three hearty dishes in a hurry

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homemade pizza

Many women do not like to cook pizza, becauseThat it takes a long time to tinker with the test, and the usual preparations are not tasty. Therefore, it is necessary to spend extra money and order pizza in public catering establishments. In fact, instead of overpaying two or three times, you can do everything yourself, and spend 20 minutes on the cooking process.

In fact, the whole riddle in the test. Immediately warn you that your pizza will not be the same as in an Italian restaurant, but that you like it - it's guaranteed. For preparation you need to take a frozen dough. There are three types of dough: yeast, puff-yeast and puff. So, we need puff-yeast. If you take yeast, it will be too sweet, and puff, on the contrary, tasteless. In addition, we need fresh mushrooms, olives, corn, tomato paste, hard cheese, mayonnaise, meat products (sausage, chicken, bacon - at your discretion).

Before you start cooking you need to takeA pan on which you will spread pizza and moisten it with water. So you protect the pizza from sticking to the bottom of the baking tray. Then thaw the dough. You can roll it if you want the base to be thin or leave it as it is. Put the dough on a baking sheet. Next we need tomato paste. It is necessary to spread a thin layer on the entire surface of the dough. Now you can evenly spread the ingredients. All products are cut into medium pieces. For example, if it is a medium mushroom, then its hat should be cut in four parts. After laying out all the products, we must have untouched cheese and mayonnaise. It is now their turn comes. Mayonnaise should be smeared with a thin layer over the entire surface of the pizza, and then all be wiped with hard cheese. That's all, now we send the pizza oven. Depending on how it is heated, the pizza can be prepared to separate up to twenty minutes. So from time to time we check with a wooden stick and when we understand that the pizza is ready - we pull out our dish.

In order for the pizza to be better removed from the baking tray,You can immediately cut the dough into pieces. You need to take off the pizza when it's a little cold. So do not rush and wait ten minutes. If you are patient, the product does not expect frustration due to the fact that the pizza was poorly removed from the baking tray and lost its appearance.

If you want to give it the sharpness and aroma, then immediately after pulling the pizza out of the oven, sprinkle finely chopped garlic.

And lastly, many put fresh tomatoes in the pizza, but in our case it is better not to do it, because they are too wet the dough and the brew is watery.

Waffle crochet with meat filling

If you are tired of chewing sausage, you want somethingMeat, but at the same time the finances do not allow you to take a lot of meat, and there is no desire to stay behind the stove, then cook these wafers. To do this you will need the egg, wafer billets, onions, garlic and, in fact, minced meat. Let's go through the ingredients in detail.

Waffle billets you can buy in anySupermarket. There are round and rectangular billets for cakes and small, for cakes. Big billets take advantage, because they are cheaper and they have enough of the most portions.

Meat I advise you to take chicken, although pork is also quite suitable. So choose which one you like best. Half a kilo of grains per thirty waffles.

If you talk about onions, then you will have one middle head. To make the dish sharp, add a couple of cloves of garlic.

As for the eggs, you will have five or six pieces for thirty servings. But if you want more batter, you can buy a dozen.

Now let's talk about the very preparation of the dish. Take the stuffing, pour it into a bowl. There zhemelko mode bulb, squeeze garlic through garlicko, add the pepper powdered black pepper and salt. All mixed. In another vessel we are breaking eggs. You do not need to hit everything at once, because the first wafers will absorb a lot of eggs. Therefore, break three eggs, and then add more when you see that the waffles have nothing to dip.

Now we take the waffle blank. At us it will be round. We lay on it a part of the forcemeat in a uniform layer, so that it covers the whole surface. Cover with a second wafer billet. Give a couple of minutes to wafers a little soaked. Then cut our circle into eight equal parts. Each of them dip in the egg from both sides and lay out on a frying pan, pre-poured with sunflower oil. These wafers are fried for more than five minutes, so we carefully follow them and turn them over. While the delegation is getting ready, we are preparing the next one. Thus, for twenty minutes, the uvass will be a whole dish of delicious wafers with meat in batter, which you can treat to the family and friends.

French Kittens

And finally, the simplest recipe for cutlets, which can only come up. For the preparation of French cutlets you will need chicken or pork fillet, eggs, sour cream (mayonnaise), onion, salt and ground pepper.

For the preparation of cutlets we will needDish, in which we lay out the minced meat, drive the eggs (the quantity is chosen so that the mass is viscous), sour cream or mayonnaise, add the chopped onion (one egg), salt and pepper. Then we mix everything together. You must have a substance that you can scoop up with a spoon and spread out a naskorodku, while it should not change its shape. That is, your cutlets do not have to be stitched as standard, but do not bring it up to the fact that the resulting mass blurred in a skillet like a pancake. You should form something like a pancake.

Now we pour sunflower oil on a frying panAnd set fire to the frying pan a little warmed up. Then lay out on it first porcion cutlets. It is necessary to wait up to five minutes and turn them to the other side. If you see that the underside is not yet very well fried, turn them back in five minutes. Then turn the cutlets one by one-two minutes, until you see that they are ready. The entire cooking process takes you no more than half an hour, besides, you do not even have to get your hands dirty, laying cutlets on a frying pan. And at the same time, you can always please our dear guests with such a camouflage.

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