/ How to feed the family in a variety of ways, inexpensive and tasty?

How to feed the family varied, inexpensive and tasty?

Known Rules

Buy products in shopping centers right awayFor a week. Make a list of products, comply with it clearly and without indulgence. For two trips to the store on Sundays, you can easily determine what is usually included in the weekly diet. Thus, you can avoid temptations and not buy delicacies, which neither your wallet nor your stomach is needed. Go to the store you need with a certain amount.

Now about meat
Women are used to buying inShop ready semi-finished products. In store semi-finished products there are a lot of flavorings, preservatives, vegetable proteins, and high quality semi-finished products are very expensive. Do not be surprised, but it will be cheaper to buy fresh meat in a trusted shop or on the market, spend 30 minutes of your time on a day off, make meatballs, cabbage rolls, dumplings from cooked home meat, and fill them with a freezer. Enough for the next month. And if you add the same amount of ground chicken to the meat stuffing, it will make the stuffing more delicious and tender and cheaper it.

A hen
For our convenience, the stores sellSeparate chicken breasts, ham, thighs and shins. They brought it from the store - and into a frying pan. And you take and buy in the nearest supermarket a few broiler chickens and whole chickens, and they themselves are to be dismantled. Then approximately 20% of the cost will remain in your wallet. Do not forget, before you throw them in the freezer, sort out and arrange the already chicken already divided into packages. On each package, write down what is in the package, the packing date will tell you when to cook the chicken. In the baked form, chicken thighs and wings are very tasty, the fillets will go to the second dishes, the shins go to the soup, and from the chicken backs, unnecessary and bony, a rich and fragrant chicken broth will turn out.

It is not necessary to boil soup from a whole piece of meat,Let's remember how grandmothers were preparing soups. We will buy pork or beef bones and add boiled chicken meat to the cooked broth. The soup will be rich and will not yield to the meat broth. The same method can be applied to stewed cabbage, potatoes, pilaf. If you add a little lamb, beef or pork to chicken fillet, this will improve the taste of the cooked dish. It turns out that a dish from one kilogram of pure meat is prepared.

A fish
It is cheaper than meat, of course, if it is not trout,Salmon or salmon. And the body will bring considerable benefit in the form of minerals and protein. From white inexpensive fish - hake, haddock, pollock, cod, you can cook fish patties and fish sticks. Do not bypass the pink salmon, it will replace the steaks from the expensive Norwegian Salmon. Preserves, which are bought because of saving time and convenience, can be made without difficulty from mackerel or herring, having previously purchased frozen fresh fish.

As a side dish to home-made cutlets, exceptCommon potatoes and pasta can be served legumes or cereals. For a change, you can prepare a garnish of vegetables. With meat, cabbage is admirably combined in all its forms. All vegetables are bought by season. It is profitable to buy beets, onions, potatoes in autumn at bazaars. These vegetables can be stocked for a whole year. From radish, carrots, beets, cabbage it is possible to prepare unusual and refined salads, they will become a real decoration on the festive table. And how much they contain vitamins.

In the season you need to buy fruits and berries in the periodTheir maturation in them is more than vitamins. Summer and autumn you can make jam from berries, then you do not have to spend money on imported jams and jams. Some berries can be frozen in the refrigerator. Of these, you can cook jelly and compotes, which will enrich the vitamins diet. Frozen berries well put in sweet pastries. A cake with raspberries or cherries will collect for the evening tea the whole family. These few principles of housekeeping and buying products will bring substantial savings to your family budget.

Naturally in every family, there are their own orders, tastes and each acts as it is convenient for him. But some of these tips, which are not invented, but are tested on themselves, can be of use to someone.
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