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Recipes of dishes that every man likes

I'll open it to you, dear girls, a little secret. Many guys do not like extra difficulties in life or in food. They are more on the basis of the soul and simple dishes of meat, poultry, fish and even chocolate. Given all these male needs, we offer you the best recipes for your beloved.

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Spicy chicken wings

This is a recipe for chicken wings fried in marinade from lemon juice.

In order to prepare this dish, you will need: 1 kg of chicken thighs or wings, lemon, a pair of pepper sharp pepper, sugar and salt, as well as a little sauce or ketchup (to taste).

To cook such wings, you will needA little time. First, mix all the ingredients for the marinade, then carefully rub the resulting mixture into a chicken, wrap it in a plastic bag and shake it well. Leave in the fridge for the marinovki. While the chicken will be marinated, heat the stove to 180 degrees. After an hour, place the chicken wings in the oven and cook for half an hour.

If you want to cook a more delicious dish, then chicken can be replaced with shrimp. The marinade uses the same ingredients.

2. Steak with pepper vinegar oil

This is a recipe for beef steaks with homemade wine in a spicy marinade.

In order to prepare this dish, youYou will need: 3-4 steak steaks, a little olive oil and a mixture of peppers peas (pink, black, green, white). To prepare the sauce, take 300-350 ml of red wine, a little black pepper, a pair of cloves of chopped garlic, bay leaf, 170 ghee oil and a couple of spoons of chopped parsley.

First you need to prepare a sauce forSteak. For this, boil the red wine with the laurel leaf, garlic and pea of ​​the blackfish. Let the wine cool down, and then mix it in a blender with parsley, salt with oil. The resulting mixture should be placed in the refrigerator until completely cooled.

Be engaged in the preparation of steaks. Rub each steamed corn with a mixture of peppers, salt and olive oil. Then fry them with a frying pan. You need to fry steaks for three minutes on each side. Put the wine on the steaks of the wine and decorate the greens.

Fish pie

This is a recipe for fish cake with potatoes and grated cheese.

In order to prepare this dish, youYou will need: 400-500 g of fish fillet, 350-400 g of salmon fillet, 650 ml of milk, onion, 4 eggs, 100 ghee oil, 4 cloves, 2 bay leaves, a bunch of parsley, 1 kg of potatoes, 50 g of grated cheese and 50 grams Flour, you can add a little nutmeg.

In a deep frying pan lay the fish, pour it500 ml of milk. Dissolve the onion into four parts and insert a carnation into each of them. Add the onion leaf to the fish and simmer on low heat after boiling for 10 minutes. After that, cool the milk, and shift the fish to the opposite side. Eggs must be boiled, cut into four pieces and put together with a splayer on the fish.

To cook the sauce, you must meltButter, then add milk, fish and flour to it. On a slow fire with constant mixing, respect the sauce. When it becomes a uniform consistency, season with salt and add the nutmeg, and then pour the fish into it.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. From boiled potatoes, make mashed potatoes, add milk and the remaining oil. Puree place on the fish, sprinkle with cheese and bake for 30 minutes.

Roast beef with wine sauce

This is a recipe for a stunning beef roast beef in a wine sauce.

In order to prepare this dish, you will need: 1.5 kg fillet of beef with a fatty fatty layer, 400 ml of beef broth, 200 g of wine, 2 tbsp. spoonful of salt, and pepper to taste.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Meat salt salt with a sprinkler, and then place in the oven and fry until it nachaetet give juice. After this, turn it over to the other side and bake for 30 minutes. Then remove the spouts and wrap in foil.

To prepare the sauce, drain the fat in whichprepared it, warm it, add wine there and lightly simmered over low heat, then add the meat broth and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Before serving roast beef, cut the meat and pour over the topsoil. This dish fits perfectly with fried potatoes and rice.

Fish with fennel

Before a baked perch with fennel and fried lemon, no man can stand.

In order to prepare this dish you will need: sea bass - 1 kg, 1 lemon, fennel bulb, rosemary, thyme, parsley, salt, white pepper and olive oil.

The dish is prepared quickly and simply. Take a whole perch and a little fry in olive oil. While the perch is fried, finely chop the poultry and fennel, and then put them into the perch of the perch. Salt and pepper. In the olive oil container fry the lemon slices. When the fish is ready, add the roasted lemon to it.

Baked potato with mustard

The potato fits perfectly with the meat. Therefore, we will give you a recipe for this unusual baked potato.

In order to prepare this dish, you will need: 1.5 kg of potatoes, green beet, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of granular mustard, olive oil, sea salt and one-lemon juice.

Cut the potatoes in half and cook untilsemi-preparedness in salted water. While the potatoes are going to be cooked, cook the dressing. To do this, mix the lemon juice, olive oil and mustard. Then put the boiled potatoes on a baking tray and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Before serving, mix potatoes with mustard dressing and add greens.

Moroccan salads with eggplant and lamb

This salad is perfect for a second dish. It is hearty and delicious.

In order to prepare this dish, youwill need: 4 lamb chops on the bone, 1 eggplant, pine nuts, chopped dill, red bell pepper, juice of one lemon, olive oil, a little mint.

To begin with, cut the eggplant and fry it withDo not forget to pepper and salt. While eggplant will be fried, cook the sauce. To do this, chop the Bulgarian pepper, dill and fill it with lemon juice. Then fry lamb cutlets on high heat.

Before serving, place eggplants on a large plate, sprinkle them with sauce, put 2 lamb chops in there, sprinkle nuts, dill and decorate with mint sprigs.

Cheese and beef frittata

In order to prepare this dish, you will need: beef stuffing - 500 g, one bulb (large), 10 eggs, milk 3 tbsp. spoons, olive oil, 150 grams of hard grated cheese, salt, garlic and pepper.

To begin with, in a large bowl, combine the eggs withmilk, spices and half grated cheese. Then fry the onion with minced meat in olive oil and then put it in the baking dish. To the minced meat and onions, add the egg mixture and the remaining cheese. Put the frittata in a preheated oven to 200 degrees and bake until cooked.

This dish is perfectly combined with fresh vegetables, soup, potatoes and even a salad.

We hope that these recipes will be useful to you, and with the help of them, you will bend any man.

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