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The most delicious winter drinks

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In the first place, of course, is worth mulled wine. This popular drink has attracted the attention of manyof people. There are a lot of recipes for his preparation. Some believe that the main constituent of this drink should be obligatory red wine. But actually it is not. It can be replaced with cherrywood. The taste remains almost the same, and there is no alcohol in it. Therefore, non-alcoholic mulled wine can be tested by every member of the family, even children. Below is a recipe with wine, but if you replace it with juice, then all proportions should remain the same.

To prepare mulled wine you will needA bottle of dry wine (some made from white wine, but the taste changes significantly) or the packaging of cherry juice. The contents should be poured into a pan and heated on fire, but do not bring to a boil. In another bowl you need to warm in water 6-7 buds of cloves and one or two nutmegs. All this, give it to a boil and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. After this, add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and gradually pour the resulting mixture into the warmed wine. The temperature of the wine should not exceed 70 degrees. Mulled wine is not recommended to cook in dishes made of aluminum.

Grog. This drink is not less popular thanmulled wine. His recipe came to us from the Foggy Albion and has been changed many times. Grog is an alcoholic beverage that will warm even in the ham-hard cold. That's why he got on the list of our winter drinks. We will give you an example of a classic grog.

First, two cups of water boil on the fire. After the water boils, add to it the same amount of vodka and 250 grams of sugar. All this is on low heat for several minutes. While water and vodka will be cooked, brew strong tea and insist it for 5-7 minutes. When a hot syrup of sugar, water and vodka is ready, pour in it a glass of warmed vodka and strained tea. Stir everything thoroughly.

Keep in mind that such a drink is very strong! Therefore, vodka can be replaced with cognac, rum and even cider.

Punch. This delicious hot-alcohol cocktailPrepares quickly and easily. First, preheat any vessel from the pottery, then pour into it the juice of six lemons (you can replace the lemon juice from the package), add sugar syrup - 100-150 ml (prepared in water dissolved in water) and one tablespoon of ginger (can be dried). Well mix everything, add the following ingredients: half a liter of rum, 300 ml of cognac, 300ml of any tincture, 0.7 lvody and warm everything up on low heat.

When the drink is ready, pour it into cups of ceramics for decoration sprinkle with grated nutmeg.

Hot chocolate with rum. This drink is prepared in a few minutes. You will need a little rum - 25ml, and hot chocolate - 125ml. Hot chocolate can be made from cocoa or buy in a package. Rum is mixed with hot chocolate in a glass, top over the whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Hot cider. To make it, you need to panPour a liter of apple cider and orange juice. Then add there 7-8 buds of a carnation, sliced ​​on a small orange, a couple of laurel leaves and a tablespoon of honey. Cook for a few minutes, not bringing to a boil.

Before pouring the drink on high glasses, strain it through the cheesecloth. If you are not too fond of alcohol, then it can be replaced with apple juice.

Sbiten. This drink has Russian roots. He not only warms well, but also cures for colds. It is non-alcoholic, so it is suitable for both children and adults.

For its preparation in a medium-sized saucepanPour in liters of water. Wait until it boils. After that, first add a half-kilogram of honey, and then 700 grams of molasses, which can be obtained from sugar syrup. To add flavor and pleasant flavor add different spices: lime blossom dried, cloves, mint, hops, cinnamon and so on. After adding the spices, mix the resulting mixture over low heat for half an hour. Before serving, pour over large cups and drink as tea.

Hot chocolate. This drink is only delicious, but also useful. To prepare it you will need a large pot. Rinse it with cold water and pour there half a liter of milk, then put on a slow fire. As soon as the milk becomes warm, add a little vanilla and a couple of teaspoons of sugar. Stir all and afterburning remove from heat. Immediately tile the dark or bitter chocolate break into small pieces and melt it in hot milk.

Nonalcoholic cranberry-orange slice. You will need three glasses of orange andCranberry juice. It is better to use freshly squeezed juices, however, fit and store. Mix them in a large saucepan and add there a third of a glass of water, a floor of a table leg of ground cinnamon, ground ginger and a little nutmeg. The resulting mixture, bring to a boil over high heat. As soon as the drink begins to boil, reduce the heat and cook for another five minutes. After that, it can be poured into glass mugs. For decoration, throw in there a few berries frozen cranberries or red currants. You can also decorate with mint leaves or orange lobules.

Non-alcoholic hot strawberry cocktail "Mojito". This cocktail, probably, is known to all. It is very often ordered in cafes and clubs, but there it is served cold. But hardly a winter cocktail with ice. Therefore, we decided to offer you a recipe of this drink in a hot form.

To cook it, take 20 ml of puree fromStrawberries. It is possible to get it from frozen berries or jam. Also you will need 10 g of mint, 20 ml of mint syrup (you can buy in large supermarkets), a couple of lime slices, 150-200 ml of water and a few frozen strawberries for decoration. Lime and peppermint well in mint syrup. Then add strawberry puree and water there. Prepare the mixture on low heat, not boiling.

Before serving, the drink must be filtered through gauze and poured into glasses. Decorate with sprigs of mint and strawberries.

Warming Non-alcoholic cocktail "Liquid Strudel". For its preparation you will need(Better freshly squeezed), several lime lobes (can be replaced with lime) and 35 ml of cinnamon syrup. All this resulting mixture must be heated on a slow fire, not bringing to a boil.

Before pouring a drink, there are several green apple slices in the glasses. After this, fill the cocktail and let it sit for a few minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon before serving.

As you can see, there are a lot of drinks. Therefore, it remains for you to choose those who will like it, and gladly enjoy them. Also, you can treat your favorite friends and relatives with your favorite cocktails.

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