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Dishes from red caviar for a festive table

Thai salad with red caviar

To prepare this salad you will need: red caviar (150 g), salted salmon (200 g), rice (100 g), hard-boiled eggs (5 pcs.). Also red onions (1 pc.), Lettuce leaves and mayonnaise.

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Rice boil, transfer into a sieve and in cold waterWash it. In small cubes, cut the salmon, eggs and onions. All this add to the rice mix with mayonnaise. Lay the dish with lettuce leaves, and lay the prepared mass on the leaves. Place the red caviar on the whole surface of the cooked dish. The dish is not only beautiful, but also delicious.

Salad with red caviar (Laminated)

Ingredients: boiled eggs (6 pcs.), Boiled potatoes (3 pcs.), Hard cheese (150 g), canned squid (300 g), red caviar (150 g), mayonnaise.

Take the dish and lay a layer of squid (150 g),Superfine the layer of mayonnaise. Then a layer of red caviar (half of the total quantity). Above grated eggs on a large grater (half), greased with majesty. Then a layer of potatoes and a layer of cheese (grated on a large grater), also half of the total, is smeared with mayonnaise. The following layers are located in the same way: squid, mayonnaise, caviar, eggs, mayonnaise, potato and cheese, mayonnaise. The prepared dish can be decorated with greens and a crumbly egg yolk. As a result, a chic layered salad is prepared for the festive table, which is highly appreciated.

Portion salad with red caviar in tartlets

For this dish red caviar will be neededFollowing products. For salad: red caviar (100 g), champignons (300 g), sweet pepper (1 pc.), Peeled boiled shrimps (120 g), 3 cloves of garlic, floor of the head, 2 tbsp. Spoons of lemon juice. Also sunflower oil, greens, salt and pepper.

For preparation of tartlets: Flour (4.5 cups), sugar (50 g), margarine (300 g), egg yolk (3 pcs.), Soda (0.5 teaspoon, vinegar-free), salt to taste. For dressing the salad, you will need mayonnaise, mixed with sour cream.

On the part of sunflower oil you need to fry mushroomsWith onion. As this mixture cools down, add lemon juice, chopped garlic and greens, a little pepper. Stir everything and allow to stand for 30 minutes. Cook the mixture and add prawns and chopped Bulgarian pepper. Add to the mass refill and mix everything.

Rub margarine with sugar powder and yolks. Add salt and soda ash. Add flour and knead the dough. Dough the molds and bake until cooked at 180 degrees.

In the tartlets lay a ready-made salad and decorate with red caviar greens.

Oysters with red caviar and champagne sauce

We will need the following products: raw oysters in shells (12 pcs.), Caviar (150 g), butter (50 g.), Cream (2 tablespoons), salt and pepper. Also fish broth (300 ml), champagne (300 ml).

Oysters rinse and open them with an acuteKnife, holding the dishes to collect the liquid (oyster juice). Then cut off the muscle with which the oyster clings to the sink, remove the oyster. Wash the shells well and put it off.

To prepare the sauce, pour into a saucepan,Missed through the sieve liquid from the shells, as well as fish broth and champagne. There you can add spices to taste. This all put on the stove until the volume of the sauce is reduced to 300 ml. Then add the cream, bring to a boil. Oysters omit the boiling sauce for 1 minute, remove them and place them in a warm place so that they slowly cool down.

Strain the sauce and pour it back into the saucepan,Bring it up again to a boil. In a warm sauce taken from the fire, add butter and whisk, the shake will not become uniform. Add in this mass of a little more champagne, to the air became a sauce.

Put a layer of rock salt on the warmed dish. On the salt, decompose (half of them) and put in each oyster. Oysters with a pitcher, and on top of a teaspoon of caviar. The dish can be decorated with greenery. This dish is perfectly suitable for a festive table.

Volovany with caviar

For the preparation of volosts you need ready-made puffDough. Rinse the puff pastry plate to a layer 0.5 cm thick. Next, cut from the dough mug. Half of the circles should remain whole. But in the circles that have been made, make round holes in the middle, for example a glass. Pure the grease with protein, check the mugs with holes and bake for 15 minutes in the oven. In the finished baking there will be holes, where you put a piece of butter and grated cheese, on top with red caviar. You can ready-bound top with a lemon juice.

Potatoes with red caviar

To cook this dish, take boiledSmall potatoes (1 kg). Take sour cream (250 g), 50 g of red caviar, dill and lemon juice (with 0.5 lemon). Mix everything. This dish is served hot. Pour the potatoes with the finished mixture and sprinkle onions with green onion and caviar (30 g), serve on the festive table.

These dishes are quite hearty and beautiful.

Stuffed eggs "Holiday"

Boil the eggs (4 pieces) and cut them in half. Get the zheleztki, and squirrel stuff with red caviar. Rub the yolk and mix it with a smile. Place eggs on the eggs and decorate with parsley leaves. This camouflage is prepared very quickly, and it is very tasty.

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