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How to make a sandwich

To prepare sandwiches you need:
  • A large sharp knife (for slicing bread);
  • Small knife (for cutting the filling);
  • 1 - 2 cutting boards;
  • Tray (or a large flat plate).
The main component of any sandwich is bread. There are no restrictions in the choice of its species. In the course of boldly goes and rye, and "Borodino", and pecknovanny, as well as white loaves and all sorts of buns. It is preferable to use yesterday's bread - fresh crumbs more strongly. Preliminary, for 2 - 3 hours before cooking, it is desirable to remove it from the cellophane bag, giving the air to restore its original properties.

Before you start cutting bread, thinkOver the compositional arrangement of sandwiches, because their shape can be different - rectangular, square, triangular, crescent, oval. Fantasy suggests a great many combinations, but more often the following are used:
  1. Sharp knife to remove both crustaceans, then cutLoaf (loaf) along the entire length for 2 oblong slices, equal in thickness. Lubricate thoroughly with oil along the longitudinal strip. And only after that, cut them across in relation to the right amount of sandwiches. To start to cut it is necessary from the middle - with the subsequent, shorter chunks to a hunchback to manage already much easier, at all without having the necessary dexterity. For absolutely flat sandwiches, you can take off not only the crustaceans, but also gently, without damaging the loaf, the upper and lower crusts. And then repeat the whole process of cutting - from the middle to the humpbacks. The first "golden rule": if you spread chunks with oil, then divide them in half, into equal parts, it is only possible AFTER PAPER, otherwise the hunk will easily disintegrate. The oil is supposed to be grinded for convenience, making it soft and "supple", well lying on the bread and knife.
  2. Baton cut into the usual slices - from the top of the head to the top. Then each piece is divided in half: along or across (to form a kind of "half-moon").
  3. With the exception of the crustaceans, cut the bread into several elongated longitudinal strips (in the form of a pastille). Waste put aside, then to use as an ornament.
TRADITIONAL are sandwiches with meat,Ham, sausage, herring, sprats, pâté. For them, the "ornaments" are just as traditional. In spring and summer more abundant - radish, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, sweet pepper, lettuce. In winter - more often there is a onion, decorative carrots and beets, egg yolks rubbed.

Know: if the composition of your conceived dish includes mayonnaise or sour cream, you should not consume butter.

In the finished form, every sandwich shouldInvariably retain its specific taste, depending on the main component - pasta, ham, sausage, eggs, cheese, sprat. And we must ensure that the components are optimally combined, not interrupting, but emphasizing the dominant taste of the tone-setting product.

Agree, not the last role plays and temptingA contrived name that evokes a heightened interest in the dish. And not only in children, but also in adults. Here you can vary as you like - it would be just a desire to make your life more attractive even in small things.

Well, now it remains to decide which sandwiches to give preference - simple, traditional or more complex.

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