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New Year's dishes - salad "Snake"

In this New Year (on the recommendation of specialists), the main fad should be fish dishes or game dishes.

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I will not make a salad from a snake, but I want toTo offer a delicious salad, which is called "Snake". This salad is served in the form of a snake and will surely become not only the main dish, but also a real decoration of the festive New Year's table.

"Snake" salad is a very tasty dish, andLooks like a real masterpiece. Recipe and photos from him you'll see a little lower. This salad is so good that it's even a pity to eat, but there's nothing to be done - it's so beautiful and original that it will certainly attract the attention of your relatives and guests. Therefore, it will be eaten among the first treats, so quickly that you will not even have time to recover ... Such a salad "Snake", is relevant not only on the New Year's table, but will be on hand at any holiday.

Step 1. To prepare a salad, "Snake" you will needThe following products: 200 grams of chicken fillet, the same gram of melted cheese (preferably medium fat), about 100 grams of mayonnaise and 100 grams of peeled walnuts. And also salt, 3 chicken eggs, a few apples of sweet and sour taste, medium onion bulb and lemon juice for his marinovki. Cucumbers, tomatoes, canned corn or green peas can be used in any number, it will be needed to decorate the dish.

Step 2. And so we go to prepare a salad. First you need to cut the onion. It is best to do small pieces as little as possible. Then the onion is marinated, we soak it in lemon juice and let it soak so that the onions are insisted for at least half an hour.

Step 3. While the onions are marinated. We do not waste time in vain and start preparing other ingredients. First, let's cut the chicken fillet, and proceed to the grater of apples, pre-cooked eggs and melted cheese. For greater convenience, it is best to use a medium or large size grater. Do not forget about walnuts, because very soon we will need them. We clean them from the peel, and then shovel them or finely chop them.

Step 4. All the prepared products (except walnuts) are combined and mixed in one bowl, dressing the salad with mayonnaise and adding salt to taste.

Step 5. The prepared weight is carefully laid out with a spoon onLarge-sized dish. Then we moisten our hands with boiled or purified water and with wet hands spread the salad on a bowl so that it corresponds to the shape of the snake. Due to the shredded nuts, the snake's body acquires a more "natural" appearance, closer to the present appearance of the snake.If in your imagination the snake has a green color, the nuts can be replaced with pickled cucumbers.Try them in thin slices and arrange them in scales. In order to make it look more voluminous, I laid out the peas in several rows.In addition, this pattern was added to the dish of a green tint. And in order to distinguish our snake on a platter, I laid it out in Her tomatoes were cut out of her tomatoes and she cut out the crown, so that the snake on the table felt like the real queen of the New Year's table.

But how will your salad look like a snake, it's up to you.

Perhaps you will have another idea, and youDecorate your salad "Snake" more interesting and original. Do not forget that within each of us lives a real creator. Preparing this salad, you will not only please the guests with a delicious dish, but also show your abilities as a designer. You can decorate everything you think you need, and of course do not forget that every housewife has individual recipes.

And I have to wish you a pleasant appetite and creative inspiration. Happy cooking and festive delicious mood!

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