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How to prepare salads from fruit

Summer is a unique season, when you canTo regain fruits and berries, to make a supply of vitamins for a whole year. From them prepare various desserts, juices, drinks, casseroles. In the summer menu, fruit salads are also very popular. There are quite a few varieties of recipes for such dishes. So, here's one of them.

Kiwi and banana peel. Apricots, apple, banana, strawberries and kiwi cut into small, monotonous pieces. Sprinkle apples with a little lemon juice. Remove the bones and seeds.

If you chose a watermelon for cooking, cut it in half. Gently pull out all the pulp, so that the watermelon cake is left whole. Form the edges of the cut with neat denticles.

For this salad, the pulp of watermelon is not needed. You can eat it raw, carefully chopping small cubes, prepare the juice or use it at your own discretion.

Fruit and berries fold in a watermelon "braid". Add cinnamon, mix with yogurt. This dessert is not stored for a long time, so it should be eaten immediately.

If you chose pineapple, then follow theThe following scheme. Remove the top with leaves, cut the fruit along to make two monotonous halves. Carefully pull out the flesh, trying not to destroy the peel. Pulp cut into pieces, like other ingredients of the salad.

Prepare the sweet syrup. Take half a glass of water, a third glass of sugar. Bring to a boil over low heat to allow the sugar to dissolve. Stir, so that nothing burned. This syrup should get a little thick. Then add a couple of drops of lemon juice. Wait until it cools down.

Mix in a deep bowl of berries and fruits, top with syrup. Spread the prepared salad into the halves of pineapple. You can decorate the top with mint leaves or lemon balm.

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