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How to make wine at home

Prepare this miracle drink at homeYou can almost from any berries and fruits. Suitable apples, raspberries, pears, plums, cherries, grapes. To make wine, first of all it is necessary to get juice from cooked fruits. To do this, you must first wash berries or fruits, peel and chop, if necessary. To grind the raw materials, the meat grinder or blender is the best. The resulting pulverized mass is called pulp. It will need to squeeze out the juice. You can use a press for this. If you have a juicer, you can make it easier for yourself, and get a juice at once. For the preparation and storage of juice, it is necessary to use glass or enameled dishes, since the acid that contains the fruit oxidizes metal containers.

From the currant and chokeberry juice, the juice is squeezedvery hard. To facilitate your work, you need to add sugar and water in the pulp at the rate of: 1 kg of pulp 100 g of sugar and 0, 5 liters of water. The resulting mass should be left to wander for a few days. When the fermented mash is covered with a layer of bubbles, then you can proceed to squeeze. You can squeeze using a double layer of gauze or press. The resulting juice will need to be filtered once more and placed in the refrigerator. Squeezed pulp should be poured once more with clean water and left for two or three days. The water should be as much as the first time drained from the pulp of juice. When the mixture re-settles, it must be wrung out and added to the juice obtained from the first spin.

Wine of good quality is obtained in the event,If the raw material has a certain ratio of acid and sugar. Natural juices usually contain more acid, and sugar is less than normal. To reduce acidity, you need to dilute the resulting mixture with juice of the second pressing, or add that juice, in which the acidity is an order of magnitude lower. For example, you can add a less acidic pear in a more acidic blackcurrant juice.

To win the wine we need the fortress, inThe resulting mixture should be added sugar. Thus, the raw material prepared for fermentation will be obtained, that is, the must. Optimal is 25% sugar content from the amount of wort. If you put a lot of sugar, then accordingly the fermentation time will increase. For sweet dessert wine, it is recommended to dissolve half of the sugar norm first, and then add the remaining sugar in a week.

Tare with must be closed on the water seal. In a clean plug closing the container, you need to make a hole and put a tube or hose in it. The end of the tube should be placed in a container of water. During fermentation, carbon dioxide will be formed, which will escape through the tube in the form of bubbles. Place the tube and tube joints to be sealed. For this, plasticine is good.

Utensils with must be in goodVentilated room where the temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. Usually the first ten days, and sometimes even more, the fermentation of the wort lasts, then the same amount of quiet fermentation occurs.

To accelerate the fermentation process,Take advantage of the wine sourdough. To make it, you need raisins and sugar. In a half-liter bottle it is necessary to pour 200 grams of washed raisins and pour the syrup. The syrup is made from 50 grams of sugar and 300 grams of cold water. The bottle should be closed with a cork of cotton wool and left for 3-4 days. When the leaven prepares, it must be filtered and added to the must.

The starter can also be made from freshFruit. To do this, you need to prepare the mash from the fruit. In the pulp add sugar at the rate of 10% of the total mass of pulp. Place this mixture in a glass dish and cover with gauze. The leaven will be cooked in 3-4 days. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice from it and add it to the fermenting wine. If the wine is added to the leaven, the alcohol content of the finished beverage will increase.

If the wine is weakly fermented, then you get a drink with a strength of 7-10%. With a good fermentation of raw materials, the result is a fortress of not less than 14%.

When the wine gets enough for himthe amount of alcohol, the fermentation will stop and the drink will gradually lighten. At the bottom of the dishes will form a precipitate. It is very important that the sediment does not decompose, otherwise it will spoil the taste of the wine.

A clarified drink is necessary immediatelypour into another container. Do this carefully so as not to stir up the sediment. In this situation, the rubber hose will be most convenient. You need to take clean dishes and put it lower than a vessel with cooked wine. Next, the hose should be lowered into the vessel with wine and mouth to draw in the wine. The liquid will gradually begin to flow. It must be carefully monitored so that the sediment does not get into the clean dishes.

A wine poured into a bottle must be closedwith a cotton swab and leave for a day. After that, the wine needs to be closed with a cork, filling the paraffin. If you do not have paraffin, you can use clay. The finished drink should be stored in the basement or the bottom of the refrigerator. The optimum temperature for aging wine is 7-10 degrees.

If you get too sour wine, to improve the taste, you can add sugar: up to 100 grams per liter of drink. In this case, the wine should be kept for another 12-15 weeks.

From strawberries, plums, cherries and apples it turns out notvery strong wine. This wine should not be stored for long. A stronger drink to make in the home can be from grapes, sea buckthorn, raspberries and chokeberry.

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