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Decorate the birthday cake

Today we can not say with absolute certainty whoAnd where he invented the cake. But you can say with certainty that the cake is a holiday head! After all, if you think about it, really, any celebration or anniversary can not do without this masterpiece! Any child will be happy to see this sweet treat on his birthday. Today, confectioners can offer cakes for every taste and color, and for fans of original gifts there is an opportunity to make a sweet surprise with the birthday person's image. Or an inscription. This will be discussed in our article.</ P>

In order to decorate the cake, you must first bake it. And the oven today we will ....

"Blueberry in cottage cheese" - it is unusually tasty, beautiful, delicate andAbsolutely simple cake, which, of course, will please all members of your family. For its preparation, you do not need any special culinary skills and skills - the recipe is quite simple and will suit every experienced or novice hostess!
Necessary ingredients:
0,5 kg of cottage cheese 9% of fat content, 0,4 kg of sugar, 0,5 l of sour cream, 0,2 kg of blueberry, 0,2 l of 33% of cream fat content, 2 tablespoons with a slide of gelatin.
First of all, mix the sour cream with a mixerAnd sugar, bringing them to a state of homogeneous mass. Then carefully wipe blueberry berries through a sieve (in winter you can use both frozen berries and canned blueberries). Next, our action will be to separate the curd mass into two equal parts, one of which is to add the puree weeded with blueberry. Cottage cheese for making this delicious cake is best to take 9% fat (do not take defatted cottage cheese or cottage cheese 1-2% fat) - the cake will be more juicy. Next, soak gelatin in some cold water, heat the cream and add the already swollen gelatin, all this thoroughly mix to completely dissolve the gelatin. The resulting mixture is divided in half and in each of the parts add the previously prepared cottage cheese mass. In a special form or a deep plate in turn, pour a few spoons of each curd mass. Pour the mass should be strictly from the middle of the form or plate, to get an unusual pattern, and so each next layer, until the curd mass has run out. Our cake is almost ready, it remains only to put it for a couple of hours to freeze in the refrigerator.

For what would be correct and beautiful to make the inscription on the cake, we will consider several rules.

A very common mistake is the desireWrite a lot. This is not the best option. There will be no room for the rest of the decoration. To ensure that the cake does not look gloomy, it's also not worth leaving one single inscription on it, the cake is a culinary dish that needs to be beautifully decorated. Thinking over the inscription, try to make the inscription meaningful and minimal in the number of written words. The exception may be large cakes intended for "corporate".

Also one should not allow tautology, for example: "To your beloved Vasya, from your beloved." It is better not to write long "ugly" words, for example, "With the sixtieth birthday", give preference to the inscription "With the anniversary!" And the figure 60. Consider the length of the words .It is necessary to remember about spelling! The inscription must always stand out against the general background. It should be clear, visible from afar , And easy to read.It is desirable that it would be a contrast.The inscriptions can be placed anywhere in the cake.This depends on your idea.The surface for the inscription should be absolutely smooth in order to avoid distortions.

There is one trick. That the inscription would be smooth it is very convenient to draw a line with a toothpick. When the inscription is applied, the line will not be practically noticeable.
When it is necessary to place the inscription in the centerStrictly symmetric, we do the following. We count the number of letters, including signs. We mark the middle of the cake with a toothpick. We make a "ruler". For example, consider the word "Congratulations! "In the center we write the letter A (this is the center of our inscription). Then we write the remaining half of the word ("-I'm!"). Now in the same way with the same interval between the letters we write from the letter A in the other direction P, D, Z, O, P. The inscription is ready, absolutely even and symmetrical. To write the phrase, all the letters are divided in half, taking into account the gaps between the words (we count them for one letter).

A common mistake is to carry the word. It will look very ugly. It is very convenient to make the lettering markings with the same toothpick. This will guarantee a neat and beautiful lettering. When decorating a turn, figures are first of all (if they are, for example, for an anniversary). And then the inscription. Therefore, first of all, we straighten the cake, decorate the sidewall of the cake and write the date, Then the inscription is located. And only then in an empty place we put flowers. So that they do not obstruct the main accents - the number and the inscription. Now you know how to decorate a birthday cake.

Here is our cake and ready to please its recipient!

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