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Simple cooking recipes

Italian baked pepper</ P>

• 1 kg of Italian oblong sweet pepper (can be Bulgarian),

• olive oil,

• salt - to taste.

My pepper, dried with a paper napkin,Put in a heat-resistant form (if possible roast on the grill in the grill). Each pepper sprinkle with salt and pour a small amount of olive (or any vegetable) oil. Bake in a well-heated oven at an average temperature of 20-30 minutes. (Depending on the size of the pepper). Then let the pepper cool down a bit, and remove the skin. The pepper turns out very tasty and juicy!

Salad «Basket»

• 500 g of champignons,

• 1-2 onions,

• 1 smoked chicken breast,

• 100 g of hard cheese,

• 200 g of carrots in Korean,

• 150 g of mayonnaise,

• vegetable oil for frying.

To decorate dishes:

• 100 g of cheese,

• parsley greens,

• 1 small beet,

• 1 carrot,

• 1 egg,

• 1 red bell pepper,

• 1-2 olives without pits.

Champignons mine, we clean, boil inSalted water for about 5 minutes. Then we throw it back to the colander, let it drain. Onions are cleaned and lightly fried in vegetable oil, then add the mushrooms and fry until golden brown. Smoked breast finely chopped, hard cheese three on a medium grater. On a large round flat dish lay a layer of champignons fried with onions, smoked breast, carrots in Korean and grated cheese, each layer is greased with a net of mayonnaise. Let's let the salad soak, meanwhile we are preparing the products for decorating the salad. Boil the beets and carrots until ready. Egg hard boiled. Put on top of the salad finely chopped green parsley, on top - cut into thin rectangular slices of cheese (it should occupy about half of the entire area of ​​the salad). Then from the cheese form the handle of our basket. From carrots, beets, bell peppers, eggs and olives we make florets and lay them out on parsley - the basket is ready.

"Evening Tango" salad

  • 1 small eggplant,
  • 2 medium tomatoes,
  • 2-3 pcs. Apples antonovka,
  • 70-80 grams of hard cheese,
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs,
  • 100 g of smoked sausage (salami),
  • A bunch of parsley,
  • 50 g of peeled walnuts,
  • 50-70 g of grapes without pits,
  • 1 onion,
  • 150 g of mayonnaise,
  • 1 clove of garlic,
  • Salt, pepper black ground - to taste.


Eggplant cut into circles, sprinkle with salt andLeave for a few minutes to isolate the juice. Then rinse, dry with a towel and fry from both sides in vegetable oil. Spread the circles on a napkin to impregnate excess fat. Eggplant slices are cut in half and stacked in a square salad bowl. Lubricate with mayonnaise and sprinkle with chopped garlic. We spread tomatoes cut from the top by semicircles. Lubricated with mayonnaise. The next layer - boiled eggs, cut into strips. Lightly grease, grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle with black pepper and chopped parsley. Next - apples, grated on a large grater. Sprinkle with mayonnaise. Top spread with salami, cut with straw, lightly press the layers with a spoon, grease with mayonnaise and sprinkle finely chopped onions. Cover the salad bowl with a lid and set it in the cold for 20-30 minutes for impregnation. We take out the chilled and soaked salad and gently turn it over to a flat dish. Top with sprinkled grated cheese and make a lattice of mayonnaise. We decorate with pieces of walnuts, halves of grapes and parsley.

"Tiffany" salad

• 500 g of chicken breast,

• 4 boiled eggs,

• 200 g of hard cheese,

• 150 g walnuts,

• salt, mayonnaise - to taste. For decoration:

• 150-200 g of grapes,

• 2 hard boiled eggs.


Eggs are hard-boiled, nuts are cleaned, crushed andLightly fry in a dry frying pan, stirring constantly, so as not to burn, to a golden color. Chicken breast with salt and fry in vegetable oil until cooked. Then we cool, cut into thin strips, mix with mayonnaise and lay out on a dish. This is the 1 st layer. Then lay out the 2nd layer - chopped walnuts. 3rd layer - grated cheese. Lubricated with mayonnaise. 4th layer - eggs grated on a large grater. Also grease with mayonnaise. 5th layer - chopped walnuts. Layers can be repeated several times. The last layer is greased with mayonnaise, we decorate with halves of grapes (if grapes with stones, then the bones need to be removed). Then decorate the salad with roses from boiled protein.

Pizza Margarita

For the test:

• 400-500 g of flour,

• about 15-20 g fresh or 6-7 g dry yeast,

• 100-150 ml of water,

• salt to taste.


• 200-250 g of tomatoes,

• 250 g of mozzarella cheese,

• 10 leaves (purple and green) of basil,

• salt, oregano, olive oil to taste.


We make yeast in warm water, add flour,How many will take, salt. We knead and knead until the dough becomes elastic and stops pestering the hands. Leave to approach for one hour. Take the dough and knead again, if sticking to the hands, add a little flour and leave to go for another 1-1.5 hours. Then again we warm it up thoroughly. The more we knead, the more elastic the dough becomes, you can add a little olive oil for softness. Then we prepare a thin layer of dough, but do not roll it out with a rolling pin, but tap it with your fingertips and press the palm so that the edges of the flat cake are slightly higher than the base. This is done so that tomatoes and mozzarella, when they become liquid, do not spread, but fill with their juice a bowl of cake and soak the dough. We put in a well-heated oven and bake at a temperature of about 200 C for 2-3 minutes. Then take out of the oven and put the top on top. The filling consists of chopped finely tomato, mozzarella, basil and oregano. First lay out the tomatoes, put mozzarella on top. Sprinkle with olive oil, sprinkle mashed oregano, salt and lay the basil. Then again we send pizza to the oven for 5-8 minutes. When the mozzarella melts, the pizza is ready. We serve hot.

Pizza with cheese in German

• 1/2 cup of wheat flour,

• 1/2 cup of milk,

• 15 g of yeast,

• З ст. L. Margarine.

For filling:

• 250 grams of hard cheese,

• 150 grams of sausage salami,

• 400 grams of tomatoes,

• vegetable oil,

• red ground pepper,

• salt to taste.


We grow yeast in warm milk, addWheat flour, salt and let the dough come warm. The dough is well kneaded and laid out in a greased high form or on a baking sheet, preliminarily pasting it with baking paper. Sausage and cheese cut into small cubes, gently mix and spread on the dough, evenly distributing them. Under a stream of running cold water, we wash the tomatoes, cut them in circles, spread them on cheese and sausage, salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with vegetable oil and give the dough a little more. We put in a preheated oven. Bake pizza for about 25 minutes at medium temperature.

Pizza "Minutka"

• 4 tbsp. L. Sour cream,

• 4 tbsp. L. Mayonnaise,

• 2 eggs,

• 9 tbsp. L. Flour.


Mix the dough, it turns liquid, likesour cream. Pour the dough into a frying pan and put the filling on top (it can be any). From above all pour mayonnaise, sprinkle a thick layer of hard cheese, grated on a grater, and put in the oven.

"Fistulas of thread"

• 300 grams of chicken,

• 125 g of puff pastry,

• 1 yolk (for lubrication),

• 1 small head of onions,

• 1/2 tsp. Salt,

• seasonings for stuffing,

• black pepper on the tip of the knife,

• 1 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil (for lubricating the pan),

• 1 tbsp. L. Flour (for rolling the dough).


Preheat the oven to 200 ° C. Onions are cleaned, cut into small cubes. In the chicken mince we add onion and seasoning. Solim, pepper. Well we mix. The dough is thawed. We do not roll very thinly in one direction. Then cut into long thin strips. From minced meat we make small meatballs and wrap them with stripes of dough, as if we wind a ball of threads. "Klyubochki" add on greased with vegetable oil pan. We spread it with whipped egg yolk and bake in the oven until cooked.

Chocolate-cheese cake

• 1 tbsp. l. butter,

• 1/2 st. l. flour (for lubrication and molding).

For biscuit:

• 4 eggs,

• 150 g of sugar,

• 100 g of flour,

• 1 tsp. soda or baking powder,

• 100 g of milk chocolate,

• 1 tbsp. l. cocoa,

• 2 tbsp. l. Roma.

For impregnation:

• 200 g of apricot jam.

For cream:

• 280 g of cream cheese,

• 200 g of 35% sour cream,

• 4 tbsp. l. powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon (cinnamon on the tip of the knife),

• 150 g of creamy chocolate.


Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Protein is separated from the yolks. Chocolate melted in a water bath. Whisk yolks and a half of sugar. Gradually, for one spoon, we introduce chocolate, continuing to whisk. Then pour in the rum. Mix the flour with cocoa and baking powder. And gradually we mix it with the yolk-chocolate mass. Whisk the whipped into a steep foam, gradually adding the remaining sugar. Whisk until thick. Two tablespoons of protein is added to the chocolate test. Mix thoroughly. Then gradually add the remaining proteins, gently stirring the spatula. We remove the butter with butter and sprinkle with flour. Pour the dough into a mold and bake at 180X for 30-35 minutes. Turn off the oven, cool the biscuit in the oven, opening the door slightly. The cooled biscuit is cut in height by two cakes. We grease each cake with jam. For cream, cream cheese is mixed with melted (100 g) chocolate. Sour cream with whipped sugar and cinnamon, carefully mixing the cheese-chocolate mass. Half of the cream is applied to the lower cake, the second half to the tops of the cake side. The remaining chocolate (50 g) is rubbed on the grater and decorates the top and sides of the cake. We put the cake in the refrigerator for impregnation for the night.

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